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Why Nitrile Gloves Are Chosen For Medical Examination Purposes?

Medical examination is a sensitive task. Doctors do it with great care to diagnose patients well. Any laxity in the endeavor can put lives at risk. It thus makes sense to buy only high quality gloves. A variety of materials such as vinyl, nitrile and latex are used in creating gloves and this widens the choices for medical professionals. The selection of gloves should be done on many criteria so that doctors can grip medical equipment in a better way and tackle any infection risks to patients. Nitrile-made gloves are a perfect device as they deliver all benefits medical professionals look for.

Here are top benefits of gloves made from nitrile –

Why nitrile gloves are chosen for medical examination purposes

1#    Puncture resistance

Regular gloves or those made from latex don’t deliver as much puncture resistance as deemed fit for medical professionals. On the other hand, gloves made from nitrile can deliver three times more puncture resistance than regular products and this makes them popular.

2#    Superior chemical resistance 

High-quality gloves are supposed to resist chemicals of different nature so that patients can’t be harmed during medical procedures. Nitrile is a type of material that delivers a superior level of protection and offers greater chemical resistance.

3#    Lower resistance to friction

Good gloves are those that doctors find easier to put on and take off. This is only possible when the material used offers a lower resistance to friction. Nitrile does that and that’s why its gloves are well-liked in the industry.

4#    Free of allergy risks

Latex allergies are so common and doctors have to keep that in mind. The solution is to use gloves lacking any trace of natural rubber latex. This is where nitrile-made gloves make the difference.

5#    Disposable yet reusable

Gloves made from nitrile have superior tear resistance and puncture resistance. So, they can be reused despite being disposable. You can wear them more than once and it won’t harm in any way.

6#   Water-proof

Gloves made from nitrile may not be water-proof per se but you can wear them under other gloves to get the same benefit. This is one of many reasons of their ever-growing uses in the domain.

7#   A snug and comfortable fit 

Top-quality gloves are supposed to conform to the shape of wearer’s hand. They also have to reach to the body temperature. Nitrile-made products do all this and that’s why become a snug and comfortable fit.

8#   Long shelf-life 

Most people would first check nitrile gloves price to decide whether to buy them or not. They go for the product considering the material has a longer shelf life than regular latex.

9#   Withstand permeation

It’s recommended to buy gloves made of only those materials able to withstand permeation. Only then can you expect the product to not absorb water in unlikely situations.

10#    Versatility 

It makes sense to buy gloves that are versatile in nature. This way you can use the product for a range of tasks associated with the profession.