What are The Duties of An Attorney

One or the other occasion you need to have the help of Attorney, in common language they are known as lawyers. The actual definition of the Attorney is a person qualified and admitted to practice law and authorized to perform criminal and  civil legal functions on behalf of clients who authorize them to represent his or her case in the court of law. These functions include providing legal counsel, drafting courts, or any other agency like administrative and tribunals.

To become an Attorney one must obtain a valid degree of law from recognized law school or university. The length of the course do vary from three years to five years depending upon state regulation., in addition a person is to pass the  state examination to be member of Bar council and after  practicing for a specified period may be authorized o practice in the bar of other states as per the rules. Except few services as required by laws may be rendered free of cost but for all other services Attorney is paid fee by the client he is hired for legal services. To discontinue the duties of client an attorney needs to obtain the permission of the court during the course of trial or criminal proceedings. In the law of evidence, the client is privileged to refuse revealing self or anyone else from disclosing the confidential communication done with the Attorney. In certain cases Attorney can communicate to the press or any other person the pre-trial statement provided his statement will not interfere with the fair trial of the case.

duties-of-an-attorneyWhen you hire Attorney you need to give him duly filled and signed document called Authority letter to represent the case and make all statement on behalf of the client which are deemed as consensus of client. It is the duty of the Attorney to apprise the client about progress of the case  at the same time it is essential for the client to narrate all the facts connected with the case without hiding bit of it. The attorney is bound to act with due diligence after having accepted the employment, and in the end, to ‘render anaccount to his principal of the acts which be has performed for him.

In simple and straight words we can say Attorney is a person who hold the authority of another person called constituent is by him lawfully delegated. A person with good reputation and showing loyalty to his clients is always centre of focus and fist choice for any client. If you are looking for a good Attorney then Barr & Young attorneys is well known name in the field of both criminal and civil cases. They carry outstanding reputation among the clients. You can trust them and render their services in all fields of law whether criminal, civil or revenue cases.  Barr and Young attorney has got specialization in financial professionals, investment advisors, Wall Street banks and broker dealer, these cases include civil probate and regulatory claims.