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Visa Requirements For Business And Tourist Purpose – A Knowhow 

Visa is a seal of approval on passport which gives permission to the passport holder to enter, leave, and stay for a period of time in a country. There are many types of visas issued by government depending on the need of the passport holder of which tourist and business visas are mostly used. Tourist visa is a temporary visa which gives a permission or allows the applicants to visit a foreign country for recreational purposes, which strictly implies that tourist visa is given for short term nonworking visits only and time period ranges is limited to 5 years of course the limit varies from place to place.  Business visa is an approval given to the passport holder to do business outside the country and allows to market the holders business the time limit is 5 years and after that the passport holder may go for renewal if required. Besides, multiple entries ranging up to 10 years may be approved to the applicants if necessary. Let us know the Vietnam visa requirements for UK citizens to obtain the above said visas.


Requirements for obtaining Tourist visa:

  • Initially, the applicant need to possess a valid passport and has to apply online.
  • Then the passport holder is requested to submit a complete application with all the necessary documents duly vetted by the concerned authorities.
  • The purpose of the visit has to be clearly mentioned as the tourist visa is given only for non-working visits only.
  • To obtain a tourist visa one need to have a medical insurance which covers all the medical necessities including return to home land arising due to medical conditions.
  • All the demographics and personal information has to be submitted including the income details.
  • An undertaking is also required specifying that the applicant is going on no work purpose only.
  • If the applicant is going on medical visit, then the applicant is required to produce the entire necessary document relating to his/her medical status.
  • Proof of sufficient funds, mostly financial account status of the past three months is required.
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Visa requirements for obtaining Business visa


To make your travelling easier, faster and more joyful, the visa on arrival system is something you should take advantage of as a UK citizen.

  • Initially, the applicant need to possess a valid passport has to apply online.
  • The applicant is required to submit proof of his expertise in doing the intended business along with his financial stability.
  • The passport holder has to submit an undertaking that he is not going to involve in any kind of illegal businesses against the rules of lands.
  • The business man has to produce a statement pertaining to clearance of all his/her tax liabilities.
  • Apart from the above mentioned requirements the applicant is required with a passport size photographs, a valid passport, photo copy of passport, copy of online filled form, sponsor letter form the company in home land and the company going to visit.