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Understanding the Different Warehousing Options

You will probably pass a warehouse regularly, maybe even daily on your regular commute.  They are not generally the most attractive of buildings, but, they do provide a valuable and essential service.  Warehousing facilities allow business to operate efficiently and effectively; making them competitive and you able to purchase any item you want, when you want it.

However, not every warehouse is the same; they offer a variety of options depending upon your needs; there are even different types of warehouses!


This type of warehouse is a storage facility owned by a specific business.  They are generally used to store large quantities of products before they are shipped to either a retailer or a consumer.  The shipping action will depend upon the type of business which owns the warehouse.  A production company will need warehousing to stock their products, where as retail businesses will stock products from a variety of suppliers.  These businesses are ready to move their products quickly when required.


This is an essential type of warehousing.  Companies like offer excellent delivery services across the country.  However, the logistics behind moving large and small shipments can be exceptionally complicated.  This combines with restrictions on how long a driver can work before needing a break mean that it is essential to have connecting points along the major routes.  Distribution warehousing allows these firms to store their shipments for short periods of time whilst transferring them between trucks or supply centers.  The warehousing facility is an essential part of their process to ensure products can be shipped quickly and efficiently; minimizing costs and delivery times.


It is also possible to have shared warehousing facilities.  These warehouses are generally owned by one firm and leased to multiple firms.  This can be a huge benefit to smaller businesses which need to store products but cannot afford or justify renting a warehouse themselves.  This also applies to individuals and businesses which need short term storage solutions.

These facilities will allow you to rent just the space you need for the time span you need it.  They are generally very flexible and can be a cost effective solution to storage space restrictions.  It is also often possible to share the transport costs of delivering products to and taking them away from the warehousing facility.


There is also a range of specialized warehousing facilities.  These range from ones which are climatically controlled to automated warehouses.  Climate control warehouses can help to keep food products fresh when being prepared or waiting to be delivered; they can also be an excellent option for people storing wine as an investment.  Premier quality wine must be stored in strictly controlled conditions to allow it to mature and maintain its value.

Automated warehousing facilities are usually specially built and have a range of equipment that needs minimal, if any, human interaction.  These facilities are often so advanced that the product can even be moved around the factory via robots.  This is a good way of ensuring exact quality standards are maintained although it may struggle to react to anything outside of its standard programming.

Whatever your warehousing needs, there is an option which will suit you!