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Unbelievable Good Effects Of Anavar

Anavar is the famous brand name for the anabolic steroid Oxandrolone. G.D. Searle & Co. was the first company to release this hormone in the 1960s under the trade name of Anavar carrying many therapeutic uses. It is one of the popular anabolic steroids to be used safely by both men and women. This steroid was made with an intention to produce a less potent Dianabol with reduced liver toxicity. It proved to be a success and this medication helped people suffering from wasting diseases to gain weight and retain muscle. Additionally, when prescribed to burn victims, it helps them to heal and gain weight and build muscle.

This steroid gained popularity among performance enhancers and got acclaimed as a drug with no side effects. It is mild in nature and does not result in huge and bulky gains. Many people like it as it increases strength, burns fat and speeds up the recovery process but without water gain. It is further prescribed to relieve bone pain caused due to osteoporosis. This drug is quite similar to male hormones of the body. If an individual is new to body building, then this can be a good start. This medication is available online but be sure of buying a real one. Check the ratings of top US brands in steroid forums.

Good Effects Of Anavar

Usage in women

This steroid for women is more effective than steroid use by men. Many label it as the “official girl steroid”. It is a perfect steroid for women as testosterone is for men. With this steroid, there is no virilization symptom in females for being a mild hormone with no side effects.  During the dieting phase, women achieve a great result. It retains lean tissues when calories are reduced and enhances metabolism. Additionally, this steroid makes the physique tighter, giving a pleasant look. Fat is burned at a higher rate in the presence of this steroid.

A dose of 10-20 mg per day is an optimum dose for any female user with 20 mg daily as the highest dosage. If the dosing levels are increased then there can be a slight chance of virilization. Most women need the 10 mg dose but if more is required to get the desired results first use the lower dose before increasing it to give close attention to your body. A dosing cycle of 6 weeks is about perfect with 8 weeks being the longest. If one needs more then discontinue for 4-6 weeks before starting a new course.

Finding Anavar for Sale

This steroid is an effective steroid so it is easily found in pharmacies, fitness centers and supplement stores. There are numerous online dealers who sell this steroid. To get the right source, a lot of research and learning about the source of supply of the dealer is required. Many brands of this drug are available in the market. Before buying, go through the ratings of top US brands as rated by the users. One should know the laws of the area of the dealer. Be aware of the regulations pertaining to the purchase of steroids and customs practices of your residing country.