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Tower of London is a Priceless Site to Explore

As all know, London is the capital city of United Kingdom and houses a variety of site seeing presented by allowing the visitors to enjoy a deep insight into the colonial architecture as well as the lifestyle of the stately authorities. One of the prominent places to check out is Tower of London, which was constructed at the start of the 11th century by William the Conqueror. Further to this, the section was expanded in the 13th century into a fort-like structure that later on got famous for its priceless possession of the Crowned Jewels in a collection. Exhibiting the princely architecture crafted in Gothic style, the tower was initiated towards enforcing the power of Norman King.

Look into the History:

Considered as the most beautiful piece of design offered by VLondons Attractions, the Tower of London was used as the official residence of many kings. Apart from this, it was the main place where prisoners were tortured and killed on awarded as the sentence. With a torturous place to stay, the visitors can experience the pain of the prisoners by watching the museum or the place that held the captives. In fact, an important note about the Tower of London is that it was a complete wooden building that was replaced white tower of bricks. As the time happened to pass away, some or the other additions were included in the palace complex by the future Kings staying in it.

Tower of London

Present Building:

At present, the Tower of London is well famed for its exotic Crown Jewels. Previously, the tower was used to imprison the state corrupt people for giving severest of the actions to be taken. The tower was a hiding or meeting place for numerous notorious politician opponents.  Along with these historical significances seen, the kings used to stay here in the turbulent times that called for it as the safest options. However, it was considered as the safest places to spend stylish holidays. Now, the fort style building has four domed turrets present on each corner. Out of the four important pillars, three are the square shape and the other one is round.

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