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Tips For Successfully Filing Record Suspensions Applications

Formerly known as pardons, a Canadian record suspension has been a longtime privilege which could be granted to certain people who were eligible and had criminal records in Canada. The ability to seal records making them invisible to the public came about in the 1970s when the Criminal Records Act was passed. For many people, this can be a blessing for crossing the borders or for finding work. The steps to filing for records suspensions hasn’t changed much over the years and can be a long process. To make it a little easier, below are some tips and information about going through the process with a reputable company such as Pardon Applications found at

Filing Record Suspensions Applications

Application Process

Each year, the Canadian Parole Board receives thousands of the suspension applications from people of all walks of life who are looking to get their criminal records erased. Unfortunately, many of them are returned because of errors or missing information. One tip that cannot be skipped is reading thoroughly through all of the guidelines for filling out the paperwork. If you miss anything or make a mistake, it could delay your application being accepted for days, months and even for years. To avoid such delays, check your application for all errors or missing information.

Check For Accuracy

Along with making sure there are no errors or missing information on your application, it is equally important that it is done accurately as well. All questions on the application need to be answered completely and truthfully. If you lie about anything on any area of the application, you could get your application denied and lose the ability to reapply in the future. Once you have gone through all of the pages, take some time to go back through it to make sure everything has been filled out correctly. Also, as an added tip, be sure to write your name on both sides of all pages and be sure not to miss any areas requiring signatures. This can help the PBC easily and accurately identify whose application they are reviewing.

Proper Seals

Another tip for going through the application process much easier is to not forget to get all of the proper seals or stamps that are needed for the Court Information Form and the Local Police Records Check Form. These are essential for getting your application reviewed and accepted. When you go to submit your application, it is also essential to include copies of any necessary paperwork and your identification as well. All copies should be clear enough to be read easily. Certain documents required will need to be original copies. You need to double check everything before you turn your application in for the best chances of it getting accepted.

Get Professional Help

While it is absolutely okay applying for a pardon on your own, it will be much easier to hire the help of a professional. There are no legal rules against using a reputable and accredited firm to help you process and apply for record suspension. However, very similar to trying to represent yourself in a court of law, it can be very risky attempting the process on your own. Every stage of the application process has specific rules to follow and has to be done in a specified time frame. If one or more of the requirements of the application are missed or done incorrectly, your application could be redeemed invalid or rejected. This is a bad scenario because you will have to wait for at least one year before you can attempt the application process again.

For many Canadians, it makes sense to want to get the process done right and accepted the first time. If you have been thinking about applying to get a parole, now is the time to do so. It is a lengthy process to go through and the sooner it is started, the better. Additionally, changes to the way to system is conducted may change at any time and it will be better to apply before the changes are set into place.