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They Shall Not Pass! The Value of Effective Access Control

In the modern age of online bookings and machines that can scan QR codes on tickets, some people may be wondering why security service companies still offer access control services. The fact is that no matter how convenient technology is, it cannot replace the capabilities of well-trained event security officers, and we’ll tell you why.

The Golden Rule: No Unauthorised Access

As convenient as technology is, a machine cannot keep a completely vigilant eye on everything. That is why a security service company will provide you with trained personnel who know what to look out for. Whether it be individuals selling scalped or phony tickets near the entrances, those trying to jump over the perimeter for free access, or even people approaching the gates with fake tickets, trained event security officers will spot all of this.

The real value in this protection, beyond preventing crime and the money you could potentially lose in ticket sales, is the protection from fines and legal trouble. There are strict regulations for events regarding crowd limits, fire exits and so on. By keeping unauthorised individuals out, you won’t need to worry about mistakenly being guilty of disobeying these regulations.

Effective Access Control

Take Note of Those Leaving the Premises

While most people stop at thinking about the uncouth characters going in, many forget about those coming out. A thief could have entered legitimately, stolen a few valuables, and then proceeded to leave. With event security in place at the exits, guards will take note of odd behaviour (like leaving long before the event is over), people leaving with more bags than when they entered, and even those who leave with fewer bags than when they entered (terrorism can strike anywhere, after all).

Service with A Smile

Finally, customers always appreciate a personal touch. If you’ve ever gotten turned around in a shopping centre and asked a security officer for directions, you’ll understand the value of friendly, personal service. Using trained officers for event security means you have staff on hand who, while letting customers in and out of the venue, will be able to answer questions and provide directions, putting your customers more at ease and making them feel more welcome. This is especially valuable if you intend to host more events in the future.

The Way to Succeed

The only way to make sure you get the best possible event security services in South Africa is to get in touch with security experts. Apache Security Services has an extensive range of event security services to help you run your safest and smoothest event yet, so give the team a call to witness the results first hand.