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The Step By Step Way To Success in Web Design

The convenience of using a web resource often overlaps with the interests of marketers. It is not always possible to find the right solution right away, which simultaneously provided usability and allowed us to accumulate the correct statistics in the Google Analytics service. Some parameters often drop out of the view or show results that are clearly not true.

Among them, for example, are the following characteristics:

  • goals and conversions;
  • the effectiveness of content;
  • results on alternative or additional analytical tools

Among all the difficulties that developers face, there are several standard ways to solve them. This will be discussed later.

Success in Web Design

Thanksgiving form and tracking purposes

Google Analytics has greatly simplified its interface and how to use tools such as goals and conversions. Although users still have a choice option:

  • Use suggested templates for tracking goals
  • Add Java Script codes manually and use “event tracking”

In the first case, the page with the completion of the contact form leads the user to the URL with gratitude for the performance of the action (participation in the survey, for example). As a result, the analyst notes the completed conversion act. The use of Web Design options are there.

Some developers do not consider this point to be particularly important, they leave “thank you” in the form filled with users. As a result, the conversion is not counted. The formalities for usability are observed and the goal is achieved – obtaining personal data, for example. But the calculation of target conversions will be calculated incorrectly and not in favor of the site. To avoid inaccuracies involved “tracking events.” This is less convenient and more complex way.

Electronic newsletters, how to make them correctly

This item tries to solve the possibility to track the target when receiving an e-mail. What happens when a user opens a message and navigates through the links?

On the one hand, everything looks cloudless. The new guest is automatically added to the list of users. But such a method makes it impossible to apply the “Target URL”, as a consequence, the visitor’s transition turns out to be “nowhere.” Google Analytics, as a consequence, will perceive the fact of leaving as an unsuccessful attempt to attract a client. .

What can cause a minus in the ranking?

This task is the solution of which requires equally marketers, advertisers and other professionals working on the promotion of sites.

There are two obvious ways to get rid of the problem:

When placing subscribers on the site, do not add them to the list immediately and automatically.Use the e-mail service, then everything will happen by default, the conversion will be credited.But in this situation, there is no optimal solution. In the first case, the speed and convenience of adding new subscribers is lost.