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The Mood-Enhancing Capacities Of Aniracetam

Aniracetam belongs to the family of racetams, developed after Piracetam. It enters the bloodstream rapidly; therefore it is more potent and can improve mood, memory, and cognition. It is unique due to its mood-enhancing abilities. It reduces anxiety through interactions with dopamine, serotonin, and choline receptors. Beyond anxiety, it is evident that it can treat depression too. It is considered safe and effective and is a popular compound which has gained huge acclaim through community anecdotes and limited research in the recent years. It works primarily by exciting the brain receptors called the AMPA receptors. It makes it an anti-depression and anti-anxiety drug.

This smart drug is also a strong neuro-protection agent. In one study it was reported that it has helped in improving memory as well as learning damage in patients who struggled with brain trauma. Another study showed that it gives protection against brain trauma. Additionally, this drug improves verbal fluency, memory retention, and comprehension. Users have also reported a feeling of relaxation and calmness along with better focus, social ease and fluency, enhanced learning capacity, and attention to mental work through a prolonged period. This nootropic is fat soluble and fast acting in nature, and produces result within 30 minutes. Nootriment sells high-quality nootropic supplements that improve health and brain performance.

Enhancing Capacities Of Aniracetam

Correct dosages

The dosage requirement varies from individual to individual but a dosage of 750-1500 mg per day is considered both safe and effective. Even a dosage of 3000 mg per day is well-tolerated. It is always wise to begin with the minimum dosage and then gradually increasing it. It has a short half-life of 1-3 hours; therefore the dosages need to be repeated at regular intervals to retain the effects. Like most of the nootropics, the effects of this drug reduces if too much quantity is present in the system, so it is recommended to monitor the dosages closely.

The research studies on its clinical use have recommended dosages of 600-2000 mg daily for the treatment of cerebrovascular disease and memory disorders. Patients diagnosed with SDAT or Senile Dementia of Alzheimer’s type are given dosages between 1000 and 1500 mg per day, taken either as a single dose or 750 mg oral tablets twice a day. In Japan, patients who suffer from anxiety and depression related to a cerebral infarction are administered dosages of 200 mg thrice a day. Elderly people who experience attention disorders or memory deficits are given 1500 mg either as a single dose or the dosages is split into two dosages daily.

Stacking of this medication

It is a potent nootropic but does not remain in the bloodstream for a long period and almost 95% of the supplement never gets absorbed. This makes it essential for the stacking purpose. Among the nootropic users, Aniracetam is commonly stacked with the other racetams to get the synergistic effects. If several supplements are combined together, a user experiences better benefits rather than using a single supplement. A popular stack that is available in Nootriment involves combining it with Oxiracetam and Piracetam. Another common supplement is using high-quality Choline source or Alpha GPC. It can potentiate the effects of all the racetam nootropics.