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The History of Corporate Gift Giving

Gifting is a great practice that has been employed by business to express their appreciation towards faithful and loyal customers and clients. Companies recognize the distinctive intricacies related to corporate culture of gift giving.

Gift is not just limited to diaries, pens, note pads, wines, key chains, etc. They serve a larger purpose of making their employee feel special and appreciated. Today, you will learn about the importance of gifting in business and a vast collection of exemplary corporate gifts that can be given on various occasions.

History of Corporate Gift Giving

Significance of gifting

Besides a means to appreciate your employee, corporate gifting is also a way for a company to market its product and services. The items that you present to your customer or client are basically a soft-selling way to promote the services and products of the company. These promotional items are seen as a visible and practical reinforcement.

Whether it is the pen with which you fill your daily planner, or the coffee mug, or your key chain that holds the keys of your drawer, a water bottle with a company’s logo on it, all these are effective and powerful corporate gift printing methods that keep your business’s name in front of prospects and customer.

Singapore is one of the places where you can find several reputed gift stores that provides the best collection of corporate gifts. Corporate gift Singapore brings you a wide selection of gifts to suit different types of promotional and advertising requirement of a business.

What are the occasions to present a corporate gift to your employees?

There are plenty of opportunities to show your gratefulness and admiration to your employee by presenting them thoughtful and apt corporate gifts. Some of these occasions are mentioned below:

  • Announcing New Launch of Products and Services
  • Marketing of an event
  • Recognition or Service Awards
  • Incentive Programs
  • Premiums
  • Giveaway ceremony at Trade Shows
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Issue Awareness Campaigns
  • Safety Programs
  • Commemoration of Special Events like Golf Tournaments
  • Annual Dinner and other celebrations.

What impact does a corporate gift has on the mind of the receiver?

Giving gifts is more than just an exchange of objects. Businesses have realized its significance and the message it passes to the receiver. A business gift is a message of respect, corporation, dedication and recognition that is absolutely priceless.

It is a great matter of pride and honor to receive business gifts. As business gifts and communication are dependent on business corporation success, a lot of attention has to be paid to find such honorable gift. Such gifts are in the form of corporate gifts, business gifts, protocol gifts, promotional gifts, etc.

It is one of the best ways to express our gratitude towards a person who has contributed a lot for the business or to congratulate a team member on his promotion and special achievements in business.


Receiving these thoughtful ideas in the form of gifts, your employees would definitely be thankful to you and appreciate the way you touched their lives and help them thrive.

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