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Safe Anavar Cycles for Rapid Results

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is one of the safest anabolic steroids on the market today. This is according the reviews and claims by experienced steroid users. Although Anavar is considered mild, it is very effective with a couple of side effects on the side. This is the reason why performance enhancers, especially women prefer this than the other available steroids.

Everyone knows that women cannot take just any anabolic steroids because of their physiology. They have to be careful in picking out the steroid for them. And Anavar is one of the women-friendly steroids. But is it safe for every woman who tries to use it? It is important that you know how to dose an Anavar cycle. Here’s what we’re going to find out since women are naturally sensitive to steroids.

Anavar Cycles for Rapid Results

The Anavar Cycles

There is a reason why Anavar is dubbed as “The Girl Steroid” because it is so effective and very safe for women. But men can also benefit from this drug. They can get solid results by using an Anavar cycle. There is a very high demand of this product worldwide, but you have to know that with an Anavar Cycle, you have to shell out some money to complete your cycle since this steroid is a bit pricey compared to others.

A 10mg tablet is usually for $2. If you are aiming for the high-quality Anavar, it can cost up to $4 per 10 mg tablet. Since men would need larger doses to see results, it can be a bit costly. But if you consider the “safety” money should not matter since Anavar is proven to be safe for women, and if it’s safe for women, then it should be very safe for men as well.

Anavar: Dosage + Results

Even though Anavar is a very powerful steroid for women, this is not the case with men. But men who are looking into using Anavar should know that Winstrol for men is best in cutting cycles. It will not do you good if you use it to bulk up. Though it can help you bulk up, you would need to take much larger doses in order to see visible results.

Most men would follow the recommended dosage of Anavar which is 50 mg to 80 mg a day. Though some men may prefer to increase their dose to 100 mg a day. This dosage is already the maximum. It is important that you know how to dose an Anavar cycle. Men can cycle Anavar for 6 to 8 weeks. Women will always have a much lower dose of about 10 mg a day. It is important to stick with this dosage to make sure that there will be no side effects with Anavar use.

This steroid is a miracle worker when it comes to cutting cycles. It can definitely help you preserve your lean muscle mass tissues and can also help you recover from workout or training. It can also increase your metabolic activity. If your body is already lean, Anavar can help you get lean, and ripped physique.