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Read Reviews on 1st Art Gallery Reproduction Services and Learn How To Make Money By Selling Art on Instagram

Social media platforms are not just for hanging and watching cats and dogs running around and making funny sounds. It is changing the game and world we live in. For instance, some artists are stating that posting a painting on Instagram is the better choice for selling than contacting the gallery.

Now we have personal galleries, and it’s all about us on how we are going to promote it and use it. We can count numerous artists that are using social media platforms such as Instagram nowadays, and they are using it to sell their work of art.

It is safe to say that Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for emerging artists. You can also check review site that will provide you information on art reproduction services and its advantages over other forms of buying art.

But the question we want to answer here is how you can use Instagram as the tool that will help you boost your art career. It is all about finding engaging customers and followers, so you have to make your account as viral as possible.

The more your account has followers and engagement, the faster you’ll be able to sell your art. It is vital to start good, and afterward, you have to follow the stream.

1st Art Gallery Reproduction Services

Always Upload High-Quality Images

You do not want to upload lousy quality images and promote them as selling pieces that will help your followers determine your artistic sense. The idea is to use the best studio possible and make the lighting exactly the way you want it to be and bring the attention to every single detail in Instagram posts if you’re going to make it look appropriate.

Have in mind that social media pages such as Instagram profile are the extension of your brand both professionally and creatively. Therefore, you will send an awful vibe if you decide to post poorly-lit and blurry images. So you have to take time to refresh and manage the photos to make them look as appealing as possible.

Combination of natural light and clean background is the best option that will appeal to most followers you have in your database. So, you have to set it up to the nearest window and tap the phone screen to add more focus and remove blurry lines that will affect the detail transparency.

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Branding, Branding, Branding

Branding, Branding, Branding

Even though this particular concept is something that surrounds us, it is vital to post images about different things, but use the same style that will be familiar to your brand, and finally, after a while, you will create a specific image that will people request by entering your account.

That is the magic that will connect you to more people, and if followers understand what you’re talking about, you will remove unwanted followers and have more engaging audience instead.

For instance, you should make your account designed to resemble your personality and what you wish to present through your artwork. At the same time, the description of images should also be personalized so that everyone could know that it is you and not some other person.

When you get to the point of specific individual and artistic style, you will become the more credible artist that will be familiar in a bunch of others. The personal touch is something that will get you a step ahead of the competition, and since this is the business, you have to think about it too.

Content Has To Be Creative and Engaging

You have to be consistent and provide content that will explain what you’re doing. For instance, if you want to share your origami skills, you should fold and post one origami figure on a daily basis all the time and stay consistent if you’re going to reach a wide audience.

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After a while, you will be able to increase the number of posts, because you will notice that the engagement will rise. That will provide you with the ability to be more creative and to get more money than before.

Compelling content is something that will differentiate your account from others, so apart from sharing work, you can add guides and tutorials that will connect you more with followers and potential customers.