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Prevention And Awareness Is Always Better Than Cure

Ever wondered why you look younger or older than your friends? Even if you are the same age as your group of friends, everybody is designed to genetically age differently and at different rates depending on your lifestyle. Telomeres are said to be a big factor on how you age. Have a telomere testing kit so that you will know the quality of your cells health.

After getting your results, depending on your results, your doctor will help you in planning for the next steps that you can follow in order for you to avoid certain serious conditions. By knowing ahead of time, you can preserve the length of your telomeres and you’ll have plenty of time to fix what has been broken and avoid the inevitable from happening in the future.

Awareness Is Always Better Than Cure

Why are telomeres so important?

Telomeres protect you DNA when your cells multiply. They are a cap on the chromosome and act as a buffer for your genetic material to prevent chromosomes from becoming attached to each other. If a cell were to divide without telomeres, they could lose necessary information from the end of the DNA. Each time a cell replicates, the telomeres become shorter until there isn’t enough protection. At this point, the cell dies.

What is a Telomere Score?

It is calculated based on the patient’s telomere length on white blood cells. This is the average compared to telomere length on lymphocytes from a sample of the American population in the same age range. The higher the telomere score, the “younger” the cells.  Telomere length is one of the best scientific methods to test biological age, and repeated analysis of telomere length is a good indicator of how quickly a person ages.Despite a limited understanding of biological age, companies are now testing anyone willing to pay up to $750 to learn their “biological” age.

Causes of a low Telomere Score

There are many factors why you have a low telomere score, including physical exercisesleepdepression, and certain gene mutations, these are associated with reduced telomere length, and, by extension, can lead to premature biological aging.It’s a fact that people born with shorter than average telomeres have a shorter lifespan, but it’s unknown if longer telomeres equal longer lives. It just depends on how you handle yourself and the bad habits that you have like over-stressing yourself and drinking too much alcohol. Knowing that you have a problem is a way to realize why you have a low telomere score and might push you into becoming a better person not just for you, but for you loved ones, too.

Having yourself tested is a sign that you care enough for your well-being. It is a good sign and in this way, you will know how to take better care of your body. It is nice to know that you learn to accept what’s wrong with you and try on acting on it in order to avoid the possible serious conditions that you are at risk of having. Be aware and don’t take yourself for granted.