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Neve Tzedek Restaurants

The historical town of Neve Tzedek was a cultural center in it’s early days, but went through a lost period where it was neglected and allowed to fall into ruin. The late 1980’s  brought about a resurgence for the town, where it was restored and revived, once again glorious and beautiful. Today it is a chic and stylish upper class residence, with nice, quiet street, and a fun and hip culture and vibe. The restaurants found in Neve Tzedek reflect the new attitude found in the rebuilt city, loaded with a wide variety of food from different cultures, tastes and flavors, all blended together in the best way possible. Neve Tzedek is home to some of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv.

Whereas in most areas of Israel the predominant number of restaurants are kosher, in Neve Tzedek, and in Tel Aviv proper in general, a large percentage of restaurants are, in fact, not kosher, and only a small percentage are. Most restaurants are opened throughout the weekend, including during the day on Saturdays, the holy Sabbath, and are therefore not considered kosher, even if the food itself may be. Neve Tzedek has a wide range of different types of fare, from chic and trendy to warm and homey, including hip bars, cool cafes and homey coffee shops. You can also find plenty of elegant dining experiences for those with a more upscale idea in mind.


Almost every type of is represented in Neve Tzedek, for those with bold palates to those who like the familiar. It’s common to find traditional Middle Eastern food almost anywhere around the area, where many restaurants serve shakshuka, a traditional egg dish served in tomato sauce, falafel, which are fied chick pea balls served in pita bread, roasted eggplant platters, or hummus with chickpea, olive oil and spices. Some of the newer restaurants have bold Israeli chefs that have culinary training from Europe and overseas, who make new and exotic dishes using Middle Eastern flavors, ideas and ingredients mixed with European cooking methods and techniques. This creative and unique combination creates a new and interesting fusion that provides a whole new take on Middle Eastern fare.

Breakfast at Dallal is a nice treat for those who want a simple and tasty meal. Situated in an elegant restored manor house in the center of the cultural square, Dallal serves lunch and dinner as well as a lauded breakfast, delivered straight from their in-house bakery. Nina is a vegetarian delight, with a variety of great tasting organic food and tasty sandwiches, while Michelle Bar serves as a nice cafe with a cool and friendly environment and simple, yet tasty food choices. Michelle Bar also offers a rousing evening of poetry reading for those who like entertainment while they eat. At the Station, between Neve Tzedek and Jaffa lies Regina, one of the few kosher restaurants to be found in the area. Regina offers many traditional Middle Eastern kosher treats combined with a traditional Eastern European palate of foods, such as Baghdad meatballs, kubbeh soup, and their popular choices of chicken chopped liver and homemade pickled cucumbers.

For romantically inclined diners out on a date night, or just those that want a more upscale treat, there are many choices. Neve Tzedek contains a wide variety of Asian flavored restaurants such as Hannoi, Taizu and Tiger Lili, or a chef style restaurant, called Popina, that makes creative and delicious dishes. Neve Tzedek also contains two of the best meat restaurants to be found in Tel Aviv, and possibly two of the best in the entire country, NG and A Place for Meat, are both highly rated and popular steak restaurants. Patrons often have a hard time choosing between the two when it comes to which one provides a better meal.

No matter where you go in Neve Tzedek, or what type of  food pleases your palate the most, you are sure to find the perfect choice to keep you satisfied.