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Milan Audio Concepts With Advanced Features

The audio concepts of Milan are being compact and light weight for the person to move and set up easily. The models which are used in the LS9 series with the 64 channels of both 16 and 32 bit. Therefore the both models in the milan audio concepts  LS-9 consist of some advanced features with the outstanding sonic quality. Additionally, this audio system provided with the extensive range of gating, compression as well as the equalization capabilities and therefore, it also provided with the built-in USB memory recorder or player for recording the BGM playback or other functionality that gives everything according to the user requirement for small to medium scale live sound or else the other installed applications with remarkably compact with all in one console.

Milan Audio Concepts

Compact and light weight

The Milan Audio concept has high end digital mixer features, operability and sound are carried and set up by one person. Whereas the 32 channels just weighs 12 kilograms and therefore the 62 channels in the milan audio concepts  LS-9  with 19.4 kilograms only. Since, the both channels offer huge potential benefits for temporary setups at small to mid size concerts and events along with the permanent installation in  the different venues and the facilities. This audio system provides higher input capacity and the plenty of mix buses that can be easily handled by the complex reinforcement jobs along with the portability of this audio system makes it ideal for smaller events as well as live performances. The 16 mix buses may be used in either AUX or mixed mode.

Top quality effects of the rack

This system does not require the external racks with  this product console as well as packed with a complete range of effects that covers any processing equipments and simultaneously used up to 4 multi effect processors. The internal effect offers 48 preset effects like the acclaimed reverb effects. Additionally, the standard 3.1 band signal channel units allow  convenient band adjustment through the console faders along with the channel ON keys can be used instantly to reset the corresponding band to zero boost. This popular selected channel interface allows the smooth and intuitive access to the more detailed channel function through the color LCD display as well as an array of logically arranged encoders. There is no matter if what display is showing, the user can return to the main display by simply pressing the home key. Since, this interface has been refined and proven over many generations of the Milan system. The memory capacity, which is used in the audio system consent to the instant storage along with the recall of all console parameters and they also provide the recall safe option. The recall safe functions provided by LS9 can be used for the exclusion of specific channels from the scene recall options and makes it possible for the specification of which function group will be affected by the recall. The affected function group may be head amp, virtual rack, input patch, output patch also the input channel or output channel.