Introducing Steve Sorensen: The Business Advisor

When you are first starting up a business, you need assistance and guidance. Even if you have an MBA degree or you are an experienced entrepreneur, you need someone to give you ideas and check in order to make sure you are on track for business success. This is where the need of a business advisor arises.

About Business Advisor:

A business advisor’s responsibility is to provide guidance to small, large and medium sized businesses. The business advisor is an integral part of the business organization that provides excellent suggestions and references for intensifying the pays and monetary gains of the establishment. The advisor holds a great responsibility of altering the business routine of the establishment. He is a professional who holds a broad knowledge about the mechanisms of a productive organization.

About Enlighten360:

Enlighten360 is one such company that is into the business of offering business advice and executive coaching. They can transform businesses to achieve a better level of prospect and cost-effectiveness. The company works with dedicated executives and business owners to convert their objectives into results. Steven Sorensen works as a Chief Performance officer in Enlighten360. He is responsible for re-engaging work teams and employees re-ignite desire within managers and re-discover customer relations to assist organizations speed up profitability and growth.

About Mr. Sorensen:

For more than three decades Steve has helped businesses achieve a viable benefit by refining their sales policy. This has steadily delivered development speed and augmented effectiveness for both businesses where he has been employed and for his customers. He has effectively appointed, mentored, trained, tutored and controlled many regional and national sales teams. He has successfully propelled and controlled multimillion dollar national marketing enterprises with Fortune 500 clienteles. His forte is making vigorous sales tactics focused on supportable organizational cost-effectiveness. Steve has efficaciously engaged corporations such as

  • Charles Schwab
  • Microsoft
  • Yellow Technologies
  • Oracle
  • Graybar Electric
  • Anheuser Busch

Responsibilities of Business Advisors:

As the Chief Performance officer and President of Enlighten360, he makes sure that the business advisors of the company do the following tasks:

  • Implement tasks in close correspondence with the finance and human resources departments. He may cope with only a limited number of business segments of the organization.
  • Provide suitable advice that are related to the systems which aid in the development of the organization, making it more productive and renowned
  • Perform the job of inspecting the present activities of business of the organization
  • Keep a track of the statistics and other information associated to the business of the organization
  • Inspect the business forms, assess the fiscal declarations, and evaluate the probable rivals
  • Give advice to the employers about the upkeep of financial accounts and assets of the organization so as to withstand its economic profits
  • Communicate with the leadership body and other acquaintances involved in the completion of projects

Steven Sorensen is an understanding and well-informed advisor and coach as well as an excellent listener.  He is always ready to take challenges and chances to help the clients and assist then with comprehensive suggestions.