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How to Surprise Your Partner with a Weekend Getaway

Keeping the romance alive in a relationship means taking the time to spend quality time together and create wonderful memories with your special someone. If you really want to make your partner feel loved, you can surprise them with a romantic weekend getaway.

Imagine how special and loved they will feel when they come home from work on Friday and you have packed their bag and are ready to whisk them off somewhere special. The weekend will be a wonderful chance to enjoy quality time together and the surprise will make it even more thrilling.

So how do you make this romantic surprise a reality? Planning a weekend getaway can be a challenge, because it’s hard to make plans for a holiday when you live with someone without them figuring out what you are doing. You will have to try extra hard to keep the plans a secret, so that they really have no idea what you are up to.

Weekend Getaway

Here are some tips for planning a surprise weekend getaway for your partner:

  • First of all, think about your spouse and their personality. Do they like surprises? Would they rather plan the weekend themselves? Would they be annoyed that you spent money on a holiday without giving them the choice? Would they be flustered because they didn’t have enough time to plan, pack and get themselves in the holiday mindset? Surprise getaways are not for everyone and it takes a certain type of personality to enjoy a spontaneous adventure.
  • Choose the destination. Think about what they enjoy (outdoors, culture, food, nightlife, etc.) and pick a place that suits their style. If they are the type that would love to go shopping, have dinner and then go to a concert or a show, then a city break would be great for them. If they prefer outdoor activities, peace and quiet and long walks, they might love a break at a cottage in the countryside.
  • When you are planning the trip online, make sure that you use the “Incognito Mode” on your browser. It will not save the websites you visit in your history so that you can keep your online trip planning a secret.
  • Think about the things that you can do at your destination that your partner would like. You might even want to pre-book some activities as a surprise such as a cooking class for a food-loving partner or a tickets to a musical for a theatre lover.
  • Have all of the logistics taken care of in advance. You need to know how you will get there and have your hotel pre-booked. If you have to arrange things as you go it might spoil the surprise.
  • Look for a package holiday weekend deal to make planning easier. For example, Carden Park near Chester offers luxurious Spa and Golf Breaks that would be absolutely perfect.
  • Make sure that your partner has the weekend off work and has no other plans. You don’t want to arrange all this only to find out that they can’t go. Also, make sure that there is nothing stressful right after the weekend, such as a big work presentation, an exam or an interview that they should be preparing for.
  • You might want to make up another decoy event that you are going to that weekend so that your partner will keep their schedule free.
  • Make sure that your friends and family know that the weekend getaway you are planning is a secret. You don’t want them blabbing your plans to your partner!
  • Make sure that you have travel insurance, so that if something goes wrong on your getaway you will still be covered.
  • Pack their bag for them! Think about what you will be doing and choose appropriate clothing and accessories.
  • Don’t forget the little things that they will need over the weekend, such as their phone charger, any medications, etc. You might have to throw these in at the last moment because they will notice if they are missing.
  • Come up with a fun way to let them know the surprise. You could create a scavenger hunt with the tickets as the final treasure, or drive them blindfolded to the airport. Make it fun and exciting!

Surprising your partner with a special romantic surprise weekend away together is a wonderful way to make them feel loved. Keep these tips in mind so that your surprise getaway will go as smoothly as possible.