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How to find a room for rent in San Francisco?

Looking for rooms for rent in San Francisco is an intimidating task. You could simply start searching online on renowned websites but they incline to be like a sausage factory, just cramming and turning everything they can over the site without ever verifying anything. Distance matters, and therefore, it is important to search for localities that are close by to your workplace or school. We need to admit that in and around San Francisco traffic is aweful. Nobody in their right mind would be ready to spend their personal time dealing with so much traffic and standstills. San Francisco is the most densely settled city in California and the second largest densely populated city in the US.

room for rent in San Francisco

Thankfully, Cirtru helps you find high-quality rooms and roommates according to your choice.

Here’s a list of challenges that you will encounter while choosing your room for rent in San Francisco and how Cirtru can help you overcome and adapt to it.

  • San Francisco is super crowded: this challenge is both good and bad. There are various types of choices, but also no shortage of competition. At Cirtru, there is a whole team of people that are dedicated to keeping the listings genuine and verified. You can be rest assured that the room you check on the website is the exact room it claims to be.
  • Size is important: the city doesn’t have much of an open space. Real estate runs at a premium, therefore, apartments at first glance might look good. Until you realize it’s actually small that you even cannot open the refrigerator door without hitting the wall. 600 sq. ft. might sound big at once but it is not bigger than a simple communal hall and the apartment might just look like a glorified closet. At Cirtru, with actual photos help you to get a clear idea of how big the apartment space actually is.
  • San Francisco is expensive: with rent that is higher than most of the other states of the US, the price tag itself of the room can break or make your ability to move. One wants to have an enjoyable life along with having a good apartment. At Cirtru, you can find diverse kind of living conditions, from single occupancy apartments to super fun roommate conditions to help you keep the rent low.
  • The neighbours should be nice: in thin-walled apartments, you may be able to hear every word your neighbours speak. Some apartments might be louder in comparison to others. If you are a light sleeper, it is an important thing to keep a check on. Sounds simply comes from slamming doors and gabby neighbours. Cirtru has a secure messaging system, where you can ask the landlord about the noise levels of the apartment.

With simply a click, Cirtru can give you tons of proven information about apartments, their surrounding area and potential roommates. It is the ultimate tool to help you find the best home in San Francisco.