Highlighting the Features and Security Appliances of Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat Systems, formerly known as CacheFlow, is the globally renowned provider of Internet Security and networking solutions based in Sunnyvale, California USA. The company focuses on empowering the companies and enterprises across the world to securely opt for the best applications, devices, services, content and data sources that world has to offer in a bid to create, collaborate, communicate, execute, innovate, compete and ultimately win the fair share in the respective marketplace.

Blue Coat Systems has the proven track record and bright history for helping organizations across the world to protect their company, its data and the employees and hence it has become the most trusted brand with a huge base of satisfied customers over 15,000 worldwide. The company takes the pride for its strong image and portfolio of intellectual property deep rooted with over 200 patents and patents pending and hence the company focuses on driving in creativity and innovations to guarantee its continuity, governance and agility in the global marketplace.

ecurity Appliances of Blue Coat Systems

Highlights of Blue Coat Systems

  • Leading innovation in the world of internet security with over 200 patents issued and several patents pending
  • Blue Coat Systems is the Global Provider of Secure Web Gateway Market Leader
  • Ranked in Leader’s Quadrant of Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateway 2014
  • Huge customer base with over 15,000 satisfied customers worldwide including over 75% from Fortune Global 500, 19% from Fortune Global 500 financial companies and over 95% from Fortune Global 500 Telco Providers
  • Good portfolio of products that ensure business agility, continuity and governance
  • Global recognition for best in class cloud scale innovation in data optimization and security

Security Products of Blue Coat Systems

Security & Policy Enforcement

  • ProxySG or SWG – It is the best invention of Blue Coat Systems for the enterprises. It is a web or proxy security gateway hardware and virtual appliance for content authentication, filtering, caching and ICAP Replay.
  • Malware Analysis Appliance or MAA – It is the best virtualization and sandboxing appliance for analysing and detecting the unknown threats and files
  • Content Analysis System or CAS – It is the appliance that comprises anti-malware and anti-virus scanning features, static code analysis, thumbprint object whitelisting for using in conjunction with proxy appliances
  • SSL Visibility Appliance or SSL-V – It is the advanced security system that identify the threats of the man in the middle
  • Security Analytics Platform or ATP – This product is designed to respond and identify the network threats.
  • Web Security Services or WSS – It is a cloud based web security platform designed specifically for mobile devices that feature CAS and SWAG appliance as a service
  • Data Loss Prevention or DLP – It is the appliance designed with malware scanning and appliance whitelisting for SMTP mails
  • Content Access Security Broker or CASB – It is the complete network security solution to encrypt and tokenize data for storage on the protected cloud server.

These were some of the online security appliances designed by Blue Coat Systems. However, there are other security appliances designed by the company which include:

  • Network Performance Solutions
  • Administration and Management Tools
  • Blade Network Chassis for Routing and Firewalls
  • Personal Security Systems