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Get Herculean Muscle using Winstrol

It is the desire of countless men to have a chiseled body and a shapely look. This is a requirement of a body builder. The normal way to get a muscular body is through hard workouts and exercises in a gym. Those who are motivated and inclined go the hard and arduous route to get results. But other who can’t commit themselves will go to any lengths and get a lean and muscular body including the use of steroids. There are many such steroids available but Winstrol V stands out due to its effectiveness and fewer side effects.

Herculean Muscle using Winstrol

General Information

The commercial name of Stanozolol, an anabolic androgenic steroid, is Winstrol. The synthetic drug is available as tablets due to its high bioavailability via the oral route. Its properties are similar to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone. Since the drug is manufactured as a 17-alpha alkylated state, it easily passes through without much damage and has the capacity to deliver the drug fully in the blood. This was used a medicine for people who are suffering from anemia and angioedema. In animals, it is used to increase RBC, muscle mass and bone density. Sports people use it to preserve lean muscle mass and enhance their strength. Since this is a mild steroid and exerts less androgenic effects, it is preferred by both men and women alike.

Usage Information

In order to use a drug effectively, one should know about how the drug works and its dosage instructions. After the first pass of the liver, the hormone is released into the blood. Since this does not bind to androgen receptors, most of the drug is used for anabolic growth. This results in increased bone density, leaner muscle and increased red blood cells. Due to this, more oxygen is available which increases endurance to work out more. It can be taken as oral tablets in 35-75 mg tablets or as 50mg injection per day by men. Women should take less dose like a10mg tablet. In all cases, a cycle use of 6 weeks is the maximum recommended. For increased results, some users have been found stacking it with Proviron and Trenbolone.

Safety Information

During the bulking phase, testosterone and its other varieties have been used and this results in a bloated body. In order to preserve lean muscle and cut into fatty muscle, Stanozolol is found to be effective. In general, a 4% cut in fat and 5-10 lb weight loss has been observed. However, like other steroids, there are some side effects. Commonly noticed are a headache, nausea and vomiting, acne, sudden hair growth or loss, increased cholesterol level and in rare cases irritation. The drug does not esterify into estrogen, and effects like gynecomastia do not occur, unlike other steroids which is the good news. However, since the drug is toxic to the liver, it may get damaged. Taking injections also exert some sort of liver damage. In order to limit it, one may use other medicines. Most of the side effects are self-limiting if dose and use periods are restricted. Permanent damage may occur on high doses and extended uses.