Claiming Benefit for Personal Injury Had Never Been Easier

Insurances are supposed to provide us with some solace in the case of adversities and cover us by providing financial benefits in the face of a tragic happening. Undoubtedly, insurances, to some extent, act as a bulwark against financial constraints during accidents and it is advisable to get oneself insured as life, physical mobility and mental health are important to any living being in this world. Further, in this fast paced world, a lot of events that lead to injury and damage happen every day and have become almost impossible to avoid. That is why it is best to be insured. But insurance companies derive profits from holding the money that people pay as premiums and it is not of profit for them if they are to give away the promised benefits. As a result, many insurance companies do not keep up with their promises and do not bother to provide insurance benefits for the insured. On the contrary, they try to find out reasons and loopholes in the clauses that govern them to preclude providing benefits. Hence receiving insurance benefits in case of a personal loss has become a big deal. In many cases, the insurance companies don’t understand the pathetic situation of their customers and deprive them of their benefits. It is a big cause of concern and hence it is best to reach Diamond and Diamond to successfully claim insurance benefits.

Personal Injury Had Never Been Easier

Who are they and what do they do?

It is a very famous law firm that specialises in Plaintiff Personal Injury Litigation and has a presence in many parts of Canada. The law service is headquartered in Ontario, Canada but has, now, reached all over the province. Initially, it had fewer offices providing service but it has now several branches in and around Ontario. With aggressive Ad campaign, the company has been wooing clients all around the place with the promise of Insurance benefits at the end of the trial. Also, in many cases, its claims have been proved which further acts as an additional boost to the firm in way of great reviews about the firm and its professionals. Diamond and Diamond has handled several cases of personal injury and practices law in cases of vehicle accidents, slips, brain injury, animal bites, disability due to accidents and negligence of worker safety etc.

Awards and accolades:

The law firm is a recipient of several awards for its high-quality service and professionalism with which it deals its clients. The following list shows some of the awards obtained by the firm during the recent years.

  • It is the recipient of Consumer Choice Awards for 2015 in the category of “Personal Injury Lawyers – GTA wide”
  • Top Choice Award for Personal Injury Law firm Toronto in the year 2016
  • It also won the Toronto Sun Reader’s choice awards for three consecutive years.
  • York Guardian Reader’s Choice Platinum Award for Best Law Firm/ Lawyer in 2014
  • While all these show that it is one of the best law firms in PIL, the testimony of clients reinforces the claim.