Career In Journalism – Tips To Choose The Right Bjmc University In Uttar Pradesh

Like any other profession, journalism is also a popular and prestigious professional that is paid high. The journalist has many major roles to play in the development of the society and nation. They take the truth to the entire world, which brings a huge impact on the development and progress of people living in the nation and across the world. It is only through the journalist that people get the news of daily happenings in their society and world across. The main purpose of journalism is to inform and interpret, enlighten and educate people.

The opportunities for journalists are ample. This job is certainly challenging and the need for talented journalists is also increasing worldwide. The candidate who strives to become journalist should have basic qualification of how to report events, write articles about an event and good communication. The journalists should also be specialized in various domains including finance, economics, politics, investigation, sports, culture, and others. They must know to present the article and the reports related to their chosen domains for the periodicals and the newspapers. If you are the one seeking to become a professional journalist, then you should certainly take up the relevant degree and courses from reputable BJMC university in Uttar Pradesh.

Career In Journalism

By choosing the Best BJMC course university in up you gain a good knowledge about the industry and gain all essential skills to work as a professional journalist. The certified journalists with relevant academic qualification and work experience can work in various domains with placements like advertising agency, even management firm, travel writing, research work and much more.

The BJMS – Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a three-year undergraduate course. The main purpose of this course to develop a candidate with all quality of making him/her complete journalist in the industry. This course apart from the regular theory class will also include a periodic visit to the industry you are related with, live recording sessions, news anchoring, presentation, shoot documentary movies and much more.

 Before you choose the BJMC College you should try to know how reputable the institution is to offer a better education. It should have all essential infrastructure need for the better learning environment for the students.

Most of the programmes offered by the BJMC colleges are affiliated to their specified university in the state.  The undergraduate programmes are commonly divided into six semesters.

Students applying for this course should have the basic qualification of passing 12th class board examination conducted by the state and have achieved required marks. They should have passed in all papers.

This course will have an internal assessment and external assessment. They also have a minimum score for passing the course and obtain their degree.

The students will also be encouraged to go for regular industrial visits, which will help them learn better and become confident in their chosen career.

Although this course is advantageous in many aspects, you should certainly compare the fee structure and the reputation of the college before you select.