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5 Reasons to Visit Tel Aviv in 2017

Tel Aviv is a world famous tourist destination recommended by many travel magazines. Once you arrive there, you will surely want to visit all the interesting places one by one by yourself. It is not hard to get to Tel Aviv. Tourists can easily visit the city by taking cheap Tel Aviv flights from their local airports. The following are 5 reasons why you should visit Tel Aviv in 2017.

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  1. Beaches

There are a lot of beaches on the west side of Tel Aviv. Most of the beaches are free and do not charge any entrance fee. One of the most popular beaches in Tel Aviv is Metzitzim beach which is well equipped with showers and toilets. Tel Baruch Beach is a family friendly beach with wide and sandy seashore. Tzuk Beach is a nice beach equipped with the best facilities compared to other beaches in Tel Aviv. The only thing is that Tzuk Beach is not a free beach. Gordon-Frishman Beach is a popular beach for tourists that is located near to Gordon and Frishman Streets.

  1. Park

The largest park in Tel Aviv is Hayarkon Park which is also called Yehosjua Park. The park has an extensive jogging and cycling trails as well as basketball court. Park Haatzmaut is a nice park for strolling in the sunset. You can climb up the hill at Park Haatzmaut to get a view of the sea. Park Charles Clore covers the beaches from Alma to Jaffa beach. Park Charles Clore offers a children playground and is suitable for picnic. In Tel Aviv, there are also a few boulevards such as ROtschild Boulevard, and Ben Gurion Boulevard. These boulevards have a lot of large trees that provide shades from the sun.

  1. Museum

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art display a large collection of artwork created by Israeli and other artists. Eretz Israel Museum, is a fantastic archaeology museum that display artifacts that tells about the history of Israel. Design Museum Holon is a world famous museum that offers exhibition of the masterpiece sculptures created by Ron Arad. Bauhaus Museum is a small museum located on Bialik Street that offers exhibition on the history of Bauhaus design. The tallest observatory called Azrieli Observatory is in Middle East. From the observatory, you can view the landscape that is as far as 50 km in the north and south.

  1. Food

There are many restaurants and cafe in Tel Aviv that serve delicious gourmet cuisine in Israel. Since Tel Aviv is located near to the beach, you will find a lot of restaurants along the seaside. These restaurants serve fresh seafood dishes and you also get a good sea view while dining there. Some of the food that you should try while visiting Tel Aviv are Falafel, Shawarma, Tunisian sandwich, Burekas, mixed Jerusalem grill, and Sabich. In many markets, you can also find refreshing juices like Tamarind and pomegranate juice.

  1. Shopping

Dizengoff Centre is the best place to do your shopping in Tel Aviv. Dizengoff Centre is a 5 storey food market with more than four hundred stores. The largest shop at Dizengoff Center is Shuk HaCarmel. Shuk HaCarmel sells all kinds of things such as food, clothes, and souvenirs, and cheap items. Shuk Levinsky offers a large selection of spices such as olives, pickles, dried fruits, and nuts. Nachaat Binyamin is an open air bazaar here you can find all kinds of art and crafts items.