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Why You Should Wear Virgin Hair Extensions?

Do you want to buy hair extensions? But still worrying about some things, here we will help you make that decision.

In this article, I will list six reasons why you should wear hair extensions, you all know they can add length and volume to your natural hair, that has not be a surprise. However, do you know it is also a method to hide your bad hair cut? How about wearing beautiful hairstyle to go for a wedding party? Here are top 6 reasons why hair extensions should be invested in.



It seems to be a common issue for most women that their hair will stop growing while achieving a certain length, so are you experiencing such an issue? If so, hair extensions will be a great solution. We promise that long hair could be achieved easily in minutes with virgin hair extensions. Sometime you ask for a little trim off the ends in a salon but coming out with some regret, so hair extensions will help you hide that bad hair cut.


Do you want to try different colors in your hair, but worried that may look bad? Or afraid that will cause damage to your own hair? Hair extensions make this process easy and simple, you can add highlights or lowlights in your own hair, or try ombre hair trend, you do not need to color your own hair, so without causing any damage to your hair. After if you do not like the extensions any more, you can remove them easily.


If you had a hair loss and your hair becomes thinner, you know, this will affect your confidence. Hair extensions are a great tool that can get back the volume and thickness you once had. Besides, hair extensions could also help you achieve the hair volume you have been dreaming of for a long time. At New Star, we wholesale virgin hair in different hair density to fulfill different needs. If you want to add volume and length to your hair while maintaining a more natural hair looking, then matching a lace closure or frontal, they will create a more voluminous effect.


With hair extensions, your hairstyle options are endless. Because of additional lenght, volume and color you can use, the braid, bun, ponytail and any other hairstyles could all be created to be very voluminous. Only use a few wefts of extensions, and great effect will be achieved you have been dreaming of.

Damage Free

All hair extensions sold on New Star are the best and cause no damge to your hair, however, some other alternatives like tape or hot fusion extensions cause damage to your hair.

Easy Usage

Clip in hair extensions only take several minutes to apply, so this will cost no effort and you can stay on your bed for extra 30 minutes every morning. That’s the awesome thing about hair extensions.

Above all, these are all six main reasons, so are you going to take your further step to try our virgin hair extensions?