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Why Every Church Requires An Intercession Ministry?

Nowadays, many churches fail miserably in prayer, because one tends to just go through the motions – a very human thing to do. A Spirit-less church is a common phenomenon wherever one make the prayer ministry not significant enough. Everything in the spiritual dominion is underpinned by prayer – by one’s intercession on behalf of the saints. When an individual says, “All I can do is pray,” he or she is severely undermining what is ceaselessly powerful.

Just as David received instruction to build the temple and Moses received instruction to build the tabernacle, the same God, who changes not, was the inspiration behind the construction of The SCOAN you see today. When you follow Jesus in righteousness, the impossible will become possible for you.There was only one builder involved in the planning – the Divine Spirit.   When the Divine Spirit talks, one must obey, because changes are beginning.

Intercession Ministry

The real church of Jesus Christ is a praying church; a church devoted to mediating for the saints. It is also devoted to freeing up control and resources so the Holy Spirit might flow. The leaders of such a church are quick to empower and encourage people who are already praying and trying to understand God’s Spirit in things. Intercession is much deeper and bigger than merely praying for others off in the distance. It’s a prophetic ministry. It is being woken up in the midst of the night and having to pray for a particular person, situation, or in a definite way. And that visionary ear also has to have a voice – not that all prophesy has to be acted on. But it needs to be listened to. A pastor requires to have prophetic voices sharing God’s words with him or her. There requires to be a continuous desiring of God.

People have been effectively touched in their own lives, through prophetic mediation. Beyond a shadow of a qualm these experiences where believers are touched astoundingly by the hand of God are transformational in their faith life. In a day when the spiritual indicator of churches and Christians can be said to be cooling, the potential to heat things up is an undying possibility. Churches, Christians, and the globe are missing out. One requires to be ardently spiritual. Every Person is a spiritual being connecting with another Spiritual Being; our Creator. One cannot be in God and in the globe at one and the same time.

It is good for a church and a pastor leadership to trust God for the provision of spiritual persons with gifts of prophecy and intercession. On the instruction from the Holy Spirit, SCOAN, The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations moved to a large stretch of land in Ikotun-Egbe, in the suburbs of Lagos. Thousands of people began flocking to the services as they heard about the extraordinary events taking place there.

Churches require to hear from God and those with intercessory gifts can be fundamental voices for pastors and church leaders to reflect on. Prayer is abhorrently underrated in its power. Hearing God’s voice and intercessory prayer are crucial components empowering God’s church. Prayer makes a people of power under God.