What Is Life Like as an Owner-Operator?

Have you ever considered the possibility of taking your trucking career to the next level and becoming an owner-operator? If so, you have probably contemplated what life in the driver’s seat is really like in this field. If you’ve already had a few years of experience as a truck driver, then you already know the job itself inside and out. However as an owner-operator taking expedited shipping jobs, there are many additional responsibilities that come with the job.

expedited shipping jobs

Some of the benefits of being an owner operator include:

  • Get paid more in less time compared to other drivers
  • Gain more control over your accepted loads
  • Have more flexibility with your schedule
  • More independence

Along with these great benefits, come great responsibilities that you should consider before becoming an independent contractor. It takes a greater amount of self-discipline, responsibility, and good business aptitude to do well as an owner-operator. Your life as an owner-operator and your business depend on these things, and without them, the success of your business could be at stake. However if you partner with a top-notch leasing company like Landstar, you can get all of the tips, support, and quality equipment needed to make it as an owner-operator.