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What Are The Three Best Organic Fertilizers For Farmers?

There are different kinds of fertilizers available in the market and they are chemical, natural and organic in nature. Farmers use all of them for the cultivation of crops and each of them has a unique impact on the quality of the soil. Farmers across the globe use chemical fertilizers to a very large extent however this affects the quality of the soil and harms the eco-system. This is why sustainable farmers are now urging their counterparts to switch to organic fertilizers that have many benefits to the soil.

Organic Fertilizers For Farmers

What are organic fertilizers and why should they be used in farming

When it comes to sustainable farming, specialist Geoffrey Morell in the USA says that organic fertilizers have many advantages over chemical fertilizers. The following are some of the key benefits of organic fertilizers-

  1. Non-toxic food – These organic fertilizers are non-toxic in nature and they are free from harmful chemicals. There are some end consumers who like to eat products that are organic and they are less prone to diseases like stroke, cancer and other skin disorders compared to people who consume food items that are made from chemical fertilizers.
  2. Production on the farm – Most of these organic fertilizers are produced on the farm itself and their cost is much cheaper over chemical fertilizers.

3 Lower capital investments – Organic fertilizers help in the maintenance of soil structure and increasing the holding capacity of nutrients. A farmer that has practiced organic farming for a number of years will need less fertilizers compared to a farmer who uses chemical fertilizers. The reason being that his soil is already rich in nutrients.

  1. Soil fertility – Organic fertilizers ensures that the farms stay fertile for several years. A good example of the above is the fertility of the land in ancient civilizations like China and India. Agriculture has been practiced there for several years and the fertility of the land is maintained because farmers resorted to the use of organic fertilizers. However, in the modern times, you will find that more and more farmers are using chemical fertilizers and this has created a negative impact on the soil.
  2. Protecting the environment – If you take a look at organic fertilizers today, you will find they are bio-degradable and they never cause pollution to the environment. On the other hand, you will find that chemical fertilizers tend to hugely contaminate the water and land. This causes a lot of diseases for human beings. In fact, the extensive use of chemical fertilizers have actually led to the extinction of animals, plants and insects. The production of chemical fertilizers are also automated and a large quantity is produced in extensive plants across the world. Organic fertilizers, on the other hand, are produced on a smaller scale and the good news is they lead to the increase of employment opportunities especially in areas where the scope of employment is bleak

Geoffrey Morell says that farmers should take note of the above advantages of applying organic fertilizers to their land to help produce better yield of crops that are safe for human consumption!