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Various Types of Cakes to Serve Your Purpose of Gifting

With the invention of cakes, came a solution to gifting on every kind of occasions. Flour, butter, sugar, eggs, milk, and flavors make a lovable dumpling known as cakes. Actually, one cannot specify any one occasion when cakes should be or should not be eaten. Every occasion is just perfect for cakes. Birthday, anniversary, or any happy or successful moment is decorated with cakes. Even when our loved ones are away from us, we complete the occasion by sending cakes along with other gifts. With option of online shopping, you can send cake to Australia or USA very easily.

Do you know there are more classification or types of cakes rather than chocolate, vanilla, and any other flavors? They are mentioned below:

  1. Pound Cake: One of the simplest way of making a butter cake is this pound cake. A traditional or a classic pound cake is the one which is baked with one pound of each butter, flour, sugar, and eggs. And that’s why the name is pound cake. People say that this is a very easy cake to bake but the butter should be very soft while you are starting with batter making. It is a very dense cake but very spongy and fluffy at the same time. The coffee cakes or fruit crumb cakes available in the market are nothing but pound cakes.pound-cake
  2. Angel Food Cake: The specialty of this Angel food cake is that only egg whites are used to make the batter. So, for those people who are prescribed not to consume egg yolks, can have this variety of cake. Very spongy yet chewy is the characteristic of this cake. Egg whites are whipped vigorously with sugar until a firm solution is formed.angel-food-cake
  3. Unbaked Flourless Cakes: Well you can’t imagine that there can be a cake without flour and skipping the long baking process – right? These cakes are prepared in a dessert ring or spring foam pan and then chilled before unmolding. Unbaked cheesecakes and mousse cakes are included in the making. It is one of the much loved and tasty cakes of the world.unbaked-flourless-cakes
  4. Chiffon Cake: Yes chiffon can come out of Yash Chopra movies also! A chiffon cake is something in between a sponge cake and an oil cake. Baking powder, vegetable oil are battered with flour. Egg whites are separately beaten to soft solution before including in the batter. So, next time get this type and send cake to Australia and I am sure your friend would be hugely impressed.chiffon-cake