UK New Car Sales Thriving in 2016

UK New Car Sales Thriving in 2016
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Figures recorded in May 2016 show that sales of new cars in the United Kingdom are continuing to grow. May saw steady growth of as much as 2.5 percent in the overall new car market in the UK, the highest May figure recorded in the fourteen years before 2016. The growth has again been driven by fleet registrations, which have provided a rise in sales of no less than 8.8 percent, neatly counterbalancing the 3 percent decrease in private registrations. The growth recorded in May was largely the result of firms deciding to freshen up their company fleets.

Rising figures across the board

According to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, there was also a rise of 12.1 percent in the purchase of vehicles with alternate fuel systems in May. Petrol models fell slightly by just 0.6 percent, while there was a rise of 5 percent in diesel powered vehicles. May’s highest selling car by far was the Ford Fiesta, which is also the highest selling car of 2016 so far overall. As of this point, the United Kingdom has seen no less than 52,476 Ford Fiestas sold in 2016. The Vauxhall Corsa is the year’s second best selling car so far, with 35,519 sales, though the second highest selling car in May was actually the Volkswagen Golf.

The top three highest selling cars of the month also included the Ford Focus, which also stayed in third place in 2016 as a whole, in spite of an overall sales fall this year in comparison to 2015. Overall sales for this year are currently sitting at 4.1 more than was the case in the same time period in 2015, with as many as 1,164,870 new car registrations. May also represents the second consecutive month in which there has been around 3 percent growth in new car registrations, which the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders says is proof of the increasing stability of the market.

Keeping customers happy

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