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Trends in Storage Units

Warehouse storage has been around for centuries  Other than the size of the warehouse buildings, the only other major changes have been in the methods used for the storage of products. And, the main issue is always finding ways to improve or remodel storage space in warehousing to be more efficient and cost effective.

The advance methods of storage systems began with an area of engineering called logistics and logistics management. First, used by the military because of their need to store and move many sizes of a great number of equipment and large quantities of people quickly, safely, efficiently at a cheaper cost. However, logistics was known as a “people system” rather than a “machine system”.

Today, the latest methods in warehousing are automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS or AS/RS), which is made up a collection of  computer controlled systems for automatically getting and placing items in defined storage areas.

Trends in Storage Units

The best applicable use of AS/RS systems are in warehouses where there is need for constant movement of items in and out of a storage area, where it is necessary to use all storage room because of the amount of inventory to be stored, to be able to quickly locate an item and retrieve it safely and at no additional cost for the process.

The purpose of an ASRS system is to automatically place and get items from stored warehouse inventory in the areas of manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and retail. The ASRS systems are computer controlled and keep a stored, detailed record of all items in the inventory.

To get an item or items from the stored inventory, the item information and the quantity needed is fed in the computer system. The computer locates the item requested and directs a SRM (storage retrieval machine) to complete the task and move the product requested to the loading docks to be sent to the buyer.

To store items, they are placed at an input station where the information is placed into the company’s inventory. From there, the AS/RS system computer moves the items to the storage area and decides on a suitable place for its storage, and then notates the spot into its inventory for future retrieval. The perks from using a ASRS system are numerous, and the system is also both efficient and cost effective. An ASRS system in a company’s warehouse will cut labor cost as well as resolve safety issues by eliminating the need for manual labor in areas of stocking, restocking, picking, packing, and shipping of stored inventory.

It accurately tracks inventory, which not only tells you where an item is stored but also retrieves the item when needed. It also increases safety by replacing dangerous manual operation situations with its automated system, thus reducing the risk of a person getting injured. And it enhances security in both loss prevention as in human error and employee theft as it keeps records to an item removed. As our population continues to increase, so does the need for more products. Thus, the need for  more storage  as well as a quicker way to get the products to the consumer also grows.

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