Top 5 Tips for Mountain Biking Beginners

Mountain biking is a challenging sport. You firstly not only need the Best budget mtb but also a top notch bike lock  to ensure its safety for which I only trust bicycle lock reviews at Next comes a whole lot of training on biking basics and exercises since you also need to have a strong physique to be able to handle and control the mountain bike, which on some rough terrains can demand a lot from you.

If you have ever taken a mountain biking trip with your friends, you must know how difficult it gets sometimes to keep up with the group. Some people are naturally fit for this sport, while others have to develop their skills to be able to become competitive. In this post, we are going to learn the top skills that a mountain biker must know in order to perform better casual and competitive mountain biking. Let’s get started.

Mountain Biking Beginners

Braking: While going downhill, a mountain bike can attain tremendous speed. At such speeds, the bike can topple over a rock or some other obstacle and can seriously injure the rider. To prevent these injuries a rider must know the exact technique to reduce the pace of the mountain bike. As a word of caution, you must never instantaneously put brakes in your bike, because that too can make your mountain bike topple. A good rule of thumb is to keep applying brakes slowly and steadily. As soon as you get down a slope, slowly begin depressing the brake levers. This is going to help you slow down smoothly.

Shift to low gears: Before you perform the shift in gears, ease up the pedalling, so to reduce the pressure on the chains. Each mountain bike and different and some gears may be stiff on one bike and loose on the other, so always judge which gear is the most comfortable to ride at on a rocky terrain and ride your bike in that gear only.

Stay seated: It is sometimes tempting to increase the speed of the mountain biking by standing on it and peddling swiftly. Resist this temptation if you don’t wish to land up in the hospital. By standing on mountain bikes, you are decreasing the amount of traction between the road and your bike’s tires, so don’t stand while riding, stay seated always.

Lean Forward: If you are heavy or a have a cheap mountain bike, you risk of falling off the mountain bike while climbing very steep hills. If you wish to remain on the saddle for long, the first thing is to lose weight and never carry anything heavy on your back. Some necessities like water and medication is fine, but don’t carry anything which is going to add weight to the back of the bike. Also, lean forward while climbing steep hills, this is going to make sure that you don’t slip off accidentally.

Keep pedalling, don’t stop: On rocky hills, you may get gassed up quite easily and may stop pedalling. Professional riders say that this is only going to add to your misery because then you will have to work hard to push through. Don’t take rest, keep pedalling continuously, this way, the average work done by you to climb will remain low.