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Top 5 Halloween-Themed Room Decorations

Your home is where you should feel warm, safe, and comfortable, and adding the right interior decor is a very important part of creating that atmosphere. To make things a little more interesting, people around the world love to decorate their rooms according to the seasons or the holidays, and one time of year that’s getting increasingly popular in the UK is Halloween. If you’re thinking about giving your home the Halloween make-over, then take a look at our top 5 Halloween-themed room decorations.

Halloween-Themed Room Decorations

Spooky bedroom

If you’d like to add a touch of spookiness to your bedroom without the use of pumpkins and paper ghosts, then you can hint at the holidays by using lifestyle decorations such as wall murals that give you the feeling of entering a different realm of reality. You can find suitable ones on some sites, allowing you to turn your bedroom into a completely new place, but you’re keeping it simple and tasteful at the same time.

Sweet and simple candle idea

Get a glass jar and place a thick, orange candle in the centre. To make it extra Halloween-y, simply fill the glass with candy corn, but make sure to leave enough space for the candle to burn safely. Put the candle on the coffee table and soak up a little bit of that Halloween atmosphere with every brew you make.

Boo bottles

Themed Room Decorations

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, then consider making these beautiful boo bottles. All you need is some old bottles, white spray paint, a black marker and some striped straws. Remove any labels from the bottles, spray paint them white and once they’re dry, paint on a spooky face with the black marker. Afterwards you can pop the straws in and use the boo bottles as the centre piece of a table, as drinking glasses, or you can just put them on the mantel piece and have them guard the fireplace.

Haunted walls and mirrors

You don’t have to spend a fortune to add a little bit of spookiness to your home. All you need is black, thick paper, a pair of scissors and some Blu-Tack. Cut out some bats and stick them to your wall or make it look like they’re coming out of the mirror.

Room DecorationsJack-o-Flowers

You don’t have to carve a spooky face into your pumpkin; you can simply use it as a planter. Cut open the top, take out the insides and then put a beautiful autumn flower in it. You can have this in your living room or on your porch to greet the guests.

It is super simple to create some clever Halloween decorations that don’t even have to cost a lot of money. Take our tips to heart and get creative this autumn.

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