Tips to Create Free Website for your Business

In our world booming with technology, getting an idea for some business sounds comparatively simple, but promoting it is way more difficult. As more and more people in the business arena are taking to the online portals and blogs for their promotion, but have little knowledge regarding a website builder. From a mobile recharge to clothes shopping, each and every task can be accomplished online, but awareness regarding the creation of personal websites is really less. But there is nothing to worry about. As work has come up to the online platforms, you can use a free business website maker to create your websites and display what you do to the world. Also, it is one of the best methods to enhance your online visibility, apart from adding credibility to your company. Also, these days with booming search engine optimization, you can have a blog integrated with your business website and promote content is related to your work. You can use, which is a dedicated tool and the free business website maker. You can easily create and run your own website successfully, without much effort. It has various helpful features.

Create Free Website

Tons of Templates

Whenever a person lands onto your business website, the first thing they notice will be the basic design. The aesthetics of a website are as important as the content on it. Therefore, a good template is a huge advantage. This website builder offers website templates for free, which are really good. It has seven categories, which the user can choose from. So now, you do not need to know website designing and all the complex codes to make a great design. You can select from the pre – built templates from this free business website maker. There are about 10,000 available appealing templates. It will ensure that your site looks good to the visitor. 

 Easy process of website builder with the web editor

If you think this website building is rocket science, let me tell you, it is not anymore. This website building tool makes the task at hand as easy as counting 1-2-3. You can successfully create your website and make it live in simple steps. You simply need to choose the theme template and then add the various widgets. Finally, you publish your blog and you don’t even need to know any of the html coding. It has the drag and drop feature for all the individuals who do not know website layout much.

free business website maker

Affordable Costing has four different pricing plans for the user to choose from. Though there are free options also, but while building a professional website, you should prefer a paid plan. The 4 pricing plans available at present are the Personal plan, Premium plan, Business plan and eCommerce plan. These cost the user $8.95, $7.95, $9.95 and $17.95 respectively. Also, often special offers are available. If your intention is creating a website for selling products, then the eCommerce plan is recommended. It provides free hosting, free domain and free Ad credits too, which can be utilized for the promotion of the web portal you have created.

Affordable Costing

Some miscellaneous features is also loaded with other benefits for the customers. You can easily get ranked on search engines using the SEO tools which are provided with free access. Also, factors affecting the search engine optimization can be checked using this free business website maker, which includes keyword density. No display of ads is done; hence your website remains free from the clutches of disturbing ads which, besides spoiling the aesthetics of your site also distract the prospective customers.


This website builder tool is really amazing. All it needs is a chance from your end. You will love how easily and effortlessly you can create your own website and increase the customer base by attracting new prospective customers. You will be amazed at how well organized everything is, as you will find all you need easily. And when you get free website templates, what more do you need? Also, I highly recommend as a free business website maker due to its ease for the most novice user. Additionally, the provided customer support is amazing. Also, if you use their service, make sure you tell me and others too, about your experience by commenting below.