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Times You May Need To Rent A Dehumidifier

The dehumidifier is a simple yet effective piece of equipment.  Most of them are electric although it is possible to get a gas version.  When turned on it will suck the surrounding air into it through a specially designed filter.  This filter will extract the water from the air and allow the dry air back into the room.  The extracted water is either collected in a bucket which forms part of the unit, or it is removed via a connection to the waste water system in the property.  If a dehumidifier is attached it is not possible to move it around the room or into a different room.  A dehumidifier with a bucket will need to be emptied approximately every eight hours.

Portable dehumidifiers are relatively cheap to purchase and this may often seem like the best option.  However, there are times when you may find it preferable to rent a dehumidifier.  There are many firms which offer this service; in fact, businesses like dryingequipment.ca will offer a variety of dehumidifiers and free advice on the best one for your needs.

Rent A Dehumidifier


If you choose to rent a dehumidifier you will probably have the machine in your home or business within a few hours of ordering it.  If you decide to buy one you may find it will take several days to arrive, the bigger the machine the longer it is likely to take to get to you.


If you need a dehumidifier as a one off option to help clear up after a specific mess, such as a flood, you will probably find it is cheaper to rent a dehumidifier than it is to buy one.  This will also provide you access to a higher quality machine for your money; which is likely to get the job done quicker and more effectively.  Portable dehumidifiers tend to be fairly cheap, but as soon as you need anything bigger than this you should check the price to rent before committing to a purchase.


There are times when you need a specific piece of equipment and are unable to get hold of it as there is no stock available.  This can be exceptionally frustrating, especially if you needed it for a special job. If this happens you will be likely to get hold of the same equipment or a better version from your local rental firm.  When you need it urgently cost no longer becomes the priority and renting a dehumidifier becomes the most practical option to ensure the task can be completed as quickly as possible.

Size of Job

Finally it is important to consider the size of the job you are undertaking.  The bigger the job the more expensive the machine will be that you need.  Unless you are intending on using a dehumidifier regularly then you will not be able to justify the cost of purchasing a machine against the cost to rent a dehumidifier.  Industrial units are very efficient and effective which makes them the perfect choice for many jobs, but they are also expensive and it is rarely possible to justify this kind of expenditure.