The Man Behind the Camera

Tom Ford is known for his career as a fashion designer. He’s the man that saved Gucci from near failure, introducing his own women’s clothing design that completely overhauled the brand’s struggling image.

He’s also a brand in his own right; Tom Ford suits, Tom Ford Sunglasses and Tom Ford bags. He’s been a key player in the fashion industry for years, with Hollywood’s celebrity A-listers flaunting his clothing range and attending his fashion shows. Mixing with the likes of Jay-z, Beyonce and Rhianna, he’s certainly made it into the ‘elite’ club.

Man Behind the Camera

Tom Ford’s designs have even made it onto the big screen, with the latest James Bond films showcasing his talents. Daniel Craig has been looking suave in his Tom Ford gear for a good few years now- trusting the established designer to make him look like the 007 we all want him to be.

For Tom Ford however, simply dressing movie stars was not enough. He didn’t want to ‘dress’ movies- he wanted to direct them. In 2005 Ford announced the launch of his own film production company, Fade to Black. In 2009 Hollywood held its breath as Ford made his directorial debut with a film entitled A Single Man.

Based on the novel written by Christopher Isherwood, Colin Firth played George Falconer, a depressed gay British University lecturer living in Southern California in 1962. The action takes place over a single day. George awakes after dreaming of the car-crash that killed his lover, Jim, only eight months before hand. Due to the terrible grief that he has experienced since Jim’s death, George announces his intentions to commit suicide that evening. The plot follows George throughout his last day on earth. George focuses on the beauty of isolated events, interacting with some unlikely characters; his close friend Charley of whom loves George despite knowing about his desire for the opposite sex. A student, Kenny, of whom George speaks at length with, setting aside the student-teacher boundaries. He also rubs shoulders with a male prostitute named Carlos.

As day turns into night George discovers that Kenny the student has followed him in to a bar. They drink together, go skinny dipping and return to George’s house. In the morning George awakes to find that Kenny has fallen asleep with the very gun that George was meaning to end his own life with. Kenny had taken the gun in order to prevent George’s plan from going ahead. George decides not to end his life, explaining that he had rediscovered the ability to feel rather than think. However, as George comes to terms with his grief he suffers a heart attack and dies.

A Single Man was received well by critics- a roaring success for Tom Ford’s first attempt at directing his own film. The film production won Colin Firth Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival and was rated 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. Unbeknown to Designer turned Film Director, many of Ford’s closest friends and family expected the film to flop, believing that he should just stick with his Tom Ford suits and Tom Ford sunglasses.

Proving many people wrong, Ford is now looking forward to the unveiling of his new film, Nocturnal Animals. Starring actors and actresses such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams, Nocturnal Animals is an American drama thriller based on the 1993 novel called Tony and Susan.

The plot follows the story of Susan, a successful art gallery owner who is troubled by the manuscript that has been sent to her by her first husband. She is haunted by previous choices that she’s made- ones that now threaten to define her.

The film promises to be a success, with the critics at the Venice Film Festival giving their nod of approval. The film already has a rating of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes and everyone is expecting something big when the movie takes to the screen in November.

Designer come Director Tom Ford is certainly a force to be reckoned with. He’s proved to his critics that there’s something much more behind his perfectly designed Tom Ford velvet jackets and black lensed Tom Ford Glasses. Whether or not you rate his clothing designs over his films, or vice-versa, Tom Ford has two personas: The man behind the Tom Ford fashion label and the man behind the camera.

He does both remarkably well.