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The Flame in the Slum

Whenever the word slum is said; images of heaps of garbage, unhealthy living conditions, over population, open sewers, immediately come to the mind. It is really unfortunate that no one gets a choice as to where he or she is born. If you happen to be born in a slum, you have two options; either to bear up the situation and stay in the slum, or to educate yourself and rise above the situation to get yourself into a better placement in life.

A slum does not always necessarily mean negative issues and thinking, there surely are some positive sentiments that crop up in this small dingy place. A lot of raw talent can be found in these slums that can be made into something spectacular just by a little polishing and honing of skills. The tough survival conditions of the slum teach the dwellers to be much more strong than any other, and they are the ones who have more patience than anyone else.

Flame in the Slum

The slums of any place have always given some of the most remarkable personalities in various fields. The slum dwellers are mostly bogged down by the life conditions of their surroundings, but if encouraged and motivated correctly like the missionaries of the Gospel for Asia organization founded by KP Yohannan , then there is always the surety of finding a diamond in the coal mine.

The attributes of becoming independent and responsible come very easily at a very early age to these slum dwellers, as they know it is this that will take them away from such a miserable life. There is no denying the high crime rates of the slum dwellers, analyses have also shown that it is these people who turn out to be great business personnel at a later stage in life. The problem is that the potential of the slum dwellers is hardly taken into account.

The small scale business tends to do very well with these slum dwellers and this is what gives them more encouragement. In fact, the dumping grounds, in some of these slums have been utilized to create renewable energy. The reason for the thriving of small scale business is the unity and sense of togetherness that these slum people have from a very tender age. They are capable of understanding each other’s problems which is why they can help each other in the various business activities. The communal values of love, kindness, hard work and patience are also instilled in these people tremendously. This is something which the more fortunate people should learn from them.

The team of selfless missionaries of GFA, obeying the instructions of their founder and international director Dr. KP Yohannan render all sorts of help to the slum dwellers of South Asia since the 1999. They provide them with food, shelter, clothing, medicines, education and knowledge of the fact, that God loves them. Prayer forms the basis of all the works of the GFA and they endeavour to spread the message of Christ’s love to all those who have lost hope or feel over burdened with the hopelessness of life.