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Stress Free Hormones For A Healthy Life

Let me first clear out some of your doubt and give u a brief overall and proper definitions and differentiations. Both human growth hormone and human growth steroids are two different things. Mostly people get associated with both of them because this two are together combined with the body builders. As both give the similar results but still both are not same therefore it is very important to understand the difference between the two. As the, HGH is a stress hormone and it is very powerful hormone.  And without having any knowledge about growth hormone and steroids and using them alone or in a combination with some other drugs may lead to a serious health issues because you don’t know how it is going to act on your body. And usually growth hormone is manufactured in the pituitary gland, located in the brain but in case of injuries and some other serious issues when it is not able to manufacture it at that time doctors recommend to take or there is no need of using it.

Healthy Life

Growth hormone has a very huge contribution of it in the development of the body system. Because of it the growth of all types cells like bone, joints, muscle, nerve takes place  and play a very important role in the development of proteins which is the most important requirement of the body without which life, replication, and rejuvenation are impossible in the body system.  Whereas steroids are also used for medical treatment but for other different purpose like for reducing inflammations, for treatment of bones, and musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis. The steroids which are used for productions of proteins are anabolic steroids and they are also responsible for increasing the energy level, strength, endurance and stamina. In case of male, testis produces a hormone known as testosterone which is also considered as a anabolic steroid. And the growth hormone can only make muscle grow but will not be able to make them stronger nor it will be able to increase their functions like the steroids.

Therefore the overall conclusion from above all is that the growth hormone will only increase the body fat and body mass and weight it has no role in its function and strengthening of the body system but when it comes to the steroids the results are also the same as that of the growth hormone as by taking growth steroids in a high dose or for a long term. Therefore the body builders and athletic are advised to take the steroids for a short period of term or else by using it for a long term it affect their physical and athletic performance which leads to decrease in their athletic performance. And the growth hormone leads to a increase in the stress level by in taking it in a high dose or long term as HGH is a stress hormone. Therefore it is concluded that human growth hormones are safer than steroids while there are always few side effects.