Steel Toe Boots: Designed For Your Safety

Often people working in the industrial areas and construction areas are not protected with right type of boots to their feet. Due to the constant exposures to critical temperatures, harsh work environments and unclean work locations, foot is most affected portion of the body. The normal shoes do not provide any safety from the accidents caused in the working environment.  Thus, the steel boots have been designed for the use of working men and women. The jordan steel toe boots are used to provide amazing level of comfort and protection from the daily chores, miles of walking during the day and uneventful accidents.

Accidents do not happen with notice. They are all sudden and unexpected. In order to protect yourself from them, it is necessary to always be protected. The steel boots are designed to protect the toes and feet from many elements such as heavy falling object on feet, protection from sharp objects, electrocution from live wires and many more.

Steel Toe Boots

When we think of steel shoes, we imagine the boring and ugly looking steel shoes, but on the contrary, these shoes are trendier and good looking too. These shoes are strong and look exactly like any other branded sports shoes. If your job is physically very demanding a constant movement, then these shoes have been designed for you. They provide the support and comfort you need.

Toe guards:

When we have to choose the right pair of work shoes, there are many factors associated with it. Hence, before you choose for a particular shoe, make a check of your daily requirements and dangers associated in your place. Along with that, your shoes should not wear and tear very soon. Hence, a good boot toe protector shoe is very much required. There are three types of shoes which provide ultimate protection to your toes.

  • Boot toe guard: a boot toe guard is a steel protector to your shoes. They offer maximum protection to your feet and toes. They also increase the life span of the shoes by minimalizing the effect of wear and tear on shoes. The steel toe guards are made according to the standards set by ANSI/ASTM. These are the safety standards which have been designed for the shoe usage. The steel shoe is manufactured to provide protection from electric shock and environment holding static electricity. The top cover of the jordan steel toe boots are often made of leather, thus the comfort and protection are ensured.

  • Composite toe cap for shoes: the cap reinforcement has been designed to give maximum protection from magnetic effects. These are made up of non-metal and non-magnetic substances. They are comparatively lighter than steel and more comfortable too. They provide the resistance against electric shocks and live wires too. Since they are non-metallic, they are bad conductors of electricity.

  • Metatarsal boot toe ground: the toe cover has been designed to cover the front part of the foot. They provide the advanced levels of protection and are advisable to use in extreme work environments. The impact of any accidents such as falling object or accidental hit to foot will not cause any bone damage. The effect of accidents is minimal when a person use these boot covers. These are considered as advanced boot toe protectors. They provide comfort of normal shoe and protection too. But, they are slightly heavier to lift, in comparison to other toe guards.