Stay trendy and feminine with anarkali dresses!

Traditional and ethnic dresses are intrinsic part of female clothing.And of the most of the women prefer donning ethnic wears at wedding ceremony and festivals as well. Anarkali dress is integral part of fashion since time immemorial in fact one can easily find the yester year’s divas who flaunted flared anarkali suits. Apart from the traditional look it renders the utmost femininity to the women folk. These flared dresses are always in vogue provided you pull it off well. In this piece of write up we bring you how you can chose all time classic women apparels that will help you dip dough on the perfect designer anarkali dress.

anarkali dresses

What is Anarkali dress?

Anarkali is the long flared kurta that is teamed up with the pants or churidaar and with the stole now days. The upper portion the dress fits, while the lower part of dress of the divided into pleats or kali. It is common to find different types of gowns that are available in the market which one can choose as per the body type.These anarkali dresses available in various design and fabric that one can choose from.

Types of Anarkali dress

Apart from the traditional anarkali dress there are various other types of dress that are doing the round in the souk. If you are someone who is not interested in wearing those traditional dresses then there is various other type of dresses that one choose from as these days the designers are coming  are coming up with great  dress be in the form of gown and traditional formof anarkail. Here we have compiled the list of different types of anarkali that one can easily.

  • Cotton Anarkali
  • Silk anarkali
  • Party wear heavy embroidered dress
  • Traditional anarkali
  • Bridal anarkali

The above mentioned types of anarkeli dress are just a few and one can easily customise the as per the own requirement and needs. One can buy it from land based stores or you can buy online as well. It won’t be wrong to say that it is indispensable part of the closet of every Indian woman. With anarkali dresses, one can adorn the feminine look and at the same time it gives you very trendy smart look as compared to other counterparts like regular kurta and bottom and other traditional attires.

Things to keep in mind when buying Anarkali

  • One of most important imperative of buying the anarkali dress is to buy in accordance with the bod types. For instance if you are petite then it is advisable to go with the dress that has less flares as it will hide the problem area and it will give you a slimmer effect.
  • Fabric and type of material used in the dress as the fabric plays a pivotal role in any anarkali dress therefore, it is important to go with fabric like georgette, chiffon net will give help in hiding the problem areas.
  • Now days it is common to find floor-length anarkali, so choose in accordance with and one must keep all the above mentioned points to have the best anarkali dress to flaunt.