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Replace Your Old Cooking Range with NuWave Pic

One of the safest, most efficient and fastest ways of cooking in the present times is the Induction cooktops. This is so convenient that most people are depending on these entirely for all their cooking, not only in homes but commercially too. Their portability feature is another alluring fact of the rapidly growing popularity of this modern method of cooking. In comparison to the traditional gas or electrical cooking range, this is more precise and user friendly.

NuWave Pic

The eco friendly aspect of induction cook tops is the icing on the cake. No matter how big the quantity in which you cook, there is nothing involved in this technology that causes any kind of pollution to the environment. The NuWave Pic is the latest product of the Nu Wave Company in their range of induction cooktop. The Nu Wave Precision Induction Cooktop lives up to its name and provides extremely efficient and precise method of cooking.

It saves your electricity, energy, and time all at same time, and still gives you that perfect dish every time you depend on it. Not only is the cooking process fast on this cooktop, but its design, shape and size makes it a lot more easy and quick to clean as well. There are preset programs from warming of food to searing it. This makes your work a great deal lighter and faster, giving you the time to carry out your chores comfortably.

The safety aspect of this Pic is another feature than can be flaunted without a doubt, and can be used with children and pets around completely hassle free. A series of copper coils, form the main part of this cooktops components that generate the electro-magnetic field, which is the basic technology involved in this type of cooker. The cooktop of the NuWave Pic never gets heated up, and keeps the cook safe from any sort of burns or accidents. This is possible because of the electromagnetic function present, which heats only the pan and its contents and does not allow the heat to pass on to the cook top.

You also do not have to worry about the electricity consumption of this cooktop, and can easily fit it into any electrical outlet. It is an ideal thing for dormitories, camps and even boats. All you need is an electrical connection and you can cook anywhere. The efficient features of this induction cooktop includes saving of money and electricity, immediate heating ,faster cooking and an extremely safe cooking zone, which does not involve any flames or red hot coils.

Its portability and easy to clean glass top option makes it a most wanted kitchen product. Its operation is so simple that even the beginners of cooking can easily understand and handle it efficiently. There is an LCD display which shows the six different settings of temperature. The most unique thing is the auto shutdown sensors, which get activated when there is no vessel on the cooktop; this is the ultimate preventive measure that any induction cooktop can have.

Once you try out this innovative cooking range, you are sure to fall in love with it and forget the old and traditional cooking mediums.