Know about The Various Types of Computer Malwares

Any software that is designed with the intention of damaging or disrupting the proper functioning of a computer system is termed as malware. The use of malware to harm someone’s website has become a huge nuisance in this computerized age. Hackers are emerging from all sections of the society and making the normal functioning of websites impossible.

Websites have become the common means of business in the current trends and there is hardly any company that does not make use of this source of technology to carry on their business. It has become the most essential tool responsible for the success of a business because it is through the website that the entire business is carried out, unlike previous times when computers were used only to advertise. The protection of it has thus become very crucial for all website owners.

Various Types of Computer Malwares

A lot of people take the help of webmasters to understand the flaws and defects of their website and use appropriate tools to protect it, but here again you ought to be careful in selecting the kind of advice you want to take. Sitelock products are the best in the market that help you protect your website completely from any type of malware. This renowned company has been doing this job of protection with perfection since 2008 and has clients all over the globe. All you need to ensure is rely on the experts and stay awat from any kind of Sitelock Scam.

The most common type of infections that a computer or website can be infected with are the following:

  1. Adware – this is the infection that constantly displays advertisements on your computer or website. This is the most lucrative and perhaps the one with the least amount of danger.
  2. Spyware– very apparent from its name this is spy software that keeps a track of your inline activities so that it can send the adware to disrupt your work.
  3. Worm – this program slowly ‘eats’ the data and system operating files, it has the capability of replicating itself.
  4. Virus – this is the most commonly heard of and a very contagious infection that attaches itself to software, so that when that software is run, this virus can reproduce itself and damage the system.
  5. Trojan – the most malicious of the lot and very difficult to get rid of, the intention of creating this malware is to derive financial information from some site and then misusing it. This malware is capable of blocking the access to any service of a computer by any user attempting to do so.
  6. Rootkit – the most difficult to detect, this malware could be considered to be like the burglar who hides in your attic waiting for you to leave and then comes down to steal. This is an extremely sly malware as it does not let you know that you are being robbed of all information of your identity.

Apart from these there is the ransomware, backdoors, keyloggers, browser hijackers and so many other types of malware. Seeing the wide range of malwares available it is always better to protect your website and computer system by using genuine products and not other kind of Sitelock Scam products to ensure the security in the most efficient manner.