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Shifting from the old ways of cooking can be a challenging decision to make and NuWave Pic has tried its best to make it easier for you. It is basically an induction cook top meant for beginners. The best part about it is that it can be a good start for the ones who are just about to step in the world of induction cooking,.

Controlling the Temperature is something that is highly significant in any sort of cooking, and this specific induction cook top has done a fantastic job in this aspect. You are free to choose any temperature that suits your cooking. And you can also pre-program it with the help of various settings available in it which makes cooking your favorite dishes very easy.

The induction cooktop, NuWave Pic basically has some push buttons with LED displays. These buttons are placed at the front of the device and by just pressing the start button you can start cooking. This particular cook top has a circular design and therefore it doesn’t take up excess space. This also means that it is lot easier to use it at your dinner table. Take an example of a holiday where at breakfast, the whole family can enjoy watching a movie together along with getting involved with cooking chicken and eggs, or may be at dinner you can chat with your friends while keeping an eye on your induction cook top. After all dinner times are all about sitting together with the family.

This particular induction cook top is also very safe when you use it in close contact with others. This particular induction cook top is portable, mobile and also easy to clean. Because of its portable size you can put the induction cook top anywhere you want. The induction cook top has some coils inside it and when anything magnetic touches it, it starts cooking. You can save a lot of energy using this particular induction cook top.

Another feature of this induction cook top is that even if it is switched on, the area marked outside the ring will not get heated. There is a delay feature added to this induction cook top which allows you to set a specific time after which you want the cooking to get started. It also claims to boil water very fast .If you are planning to fry some cheese and don’t want them to stick to the surface of the pan you can do it very easily with the non-sticky pans that come along with these induction cook tops.

It can be understood that it is really a very complicated decision to shift from a specific cooking technique you were already using. But having said that if you want a hazard free cooking and you want it to not take up the time that you spend with your family, it is the right time to go for a change and give this latest induction cooktop NuWave Pic a shot.  Hurry up and grab it.