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How to Escape Dentures

One of the things that adults dread as they get older is the thought of dentures. This is especially true for those with bad dental hygiene, those who have inherited poor genetics, or even those whose mouths did not age as gracefully as they would have liked them to. Complaints about dentures range from not being able to speak properly to the dentures sliding out of place. What many people don’t know, however, is that there are a number of options available as an alternative to dentures. Read on to learn about more solutions for your missing teeth.

Alternatives to Dentures

Solution #1: Dental Implants

If you have one or several teeth missing, then dental implants may be a good choice. Dental implants are a more permanent solution than dentures, because the implant is connected to the jawbone. Since the implant is  fused to the jaw, you will need to have a strong jawbone or you will need your jawbone to be slightly reconstructed. Then, a post is fused to the jawbone. A “tooth” made of zirconia, acrylic, or porcelain is affixed atop the post. This method often leaves you with a tooth that will last your entire lifetime.

As an alternative to replacing one tooth, you can also have several teeth replaced using this method. You do not have to have an implant for every single tooth if they are located next to each other. Instead, two implants are used as posts and a partial bridge is fitted across the implants, often spanning across several teeth.

Solution #2: Hybrid Bridge

A hybrid bridge is very similar to dentures, except you will not have to worry about your teeth coming loose or removing them for maintenance. Much like the process for dental implants, the implants will be fused to your jawbone. The number of implants for this specific procedure will vary, depending on the strength of your jawbone. Your dentist will be able to give you more information on this after doing some x-rays and reviewing your chart.

Once the implants have been put into place, the hybrid bridge will be attached to the implants. Abutments are used to attach the upper part of the bridge to the implants. Once the bridge is in place, fillings will be used to cover the abutments and secure them in place.

Prettau Zirconia

One type of hybrid bridge is made of Prettau Zirconia. This is a material that is harder than real tooth and more perfect than any other type of tooth. It is definitely an option you should consider if you want more natural looking teeth.

Solution #4: Overdenture

Another alternative to more traditional dentures is an overdenture. This method is a great choice if you find that you do not mind wearing dentures, but you would like a more permanent solution. The way that overdentures work is by fixing the same posts that you would for a dental implant. Instead of single teeth, however, a bar is fitted across all of the implants. Then, an overdenture is placed across this bar. Your dental surgeon may be able to fit you with a customized overdenture or make alterations to your existing denture.

The denture alternative that is best for you will depend on the number and placement of the missing teeth in your mouth, the strength of your jaw bone, and other factors. In order to determine the best solution for your missing teeth, speak with Lifetime Teeth Today about your options. If you find that your dental hygienist does not offer the alternative you are interested in, ask for a referral to a specialist in the area.