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How Dampness in Your House is Harming You and What to Do About it?

Given the wet climate that England is used to, it should come as no surprise if, a few years down the line you find out that your house is damp and stuffy and is leading to near-debilitating mould infection. For something as widespread and harmful as damp, the knowledge of how to deal with it and acquaintance to damp proofing companies are trained in eradicating it is often underrated. Let us take a look at how harmful damp is and consider the ways we have available to us of getting rid of it.

Inline image 1Harms of Dampness

Damp interiors harms pretty much everything in your house, yourself included. Prolonged exposure to water can damage your walls, article sin your house such as books, electronic goods, electrical wiring and switches, and so on. But the most important thing that you should be aware of is that dampness can lead to several debilitating medical conditions in human beings, either directly or indirectly, including breathing problems such as asthma to life threatening conditions such as neurotoxicity caused by mould.

Damp creates an ideal atmosphere for microorganisms such as mould to grow in, as well as even more harmful germs such as bacteria, protozoans, and even certain pests and insects. Look at any unattended house with damp walls and you know that living there will be hell. People living in damp houses grow more prone to stress because of uninhabitable living conditions and the inherent physical problems of dampness. Hence, it is very important to seek the help of damp proofing companies once you know that dampness is a problem in your house.

How Damp is Treated

It’s not all that easy to get rid of damp that gets into the house by rising from the earth below it. The best course of action in curing rising damp in your walls is to apply a strong layer of damp proofing coating so that the capillary rise of water through the pores of your walls is stopped. The extent of damage by damp is best classified depending on the fraction of your walls that are damaged, or even the height to which the water has risen. Even though damp may not always be visible when it seeps into your walls, you can usually tell that your house has a damp problem from the musty and stuffy smell you get when entering your closed apartment at the end of the day. If this is the case, you need to go out and examine the walls of your house from the outside for cracks or holes through which damp can get into the house from ambient moisture or even rain or snow.

Often, damp is not easy to detect by amateur eyes and needs the intervention of professional damp proofing companies to treat damp to intervene. Damp proofing takes up to several days of work, and this is usually followed by more work involving cleaning the walls of damp, drying out the dampness manually and then repainting the house to make it habitable again.

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