Fashion Tips for Men: How to Dress in Your 50’s

As we get older, the desire to make a good impression on others does not diminish. And even if you do not care about other people, you may want to look good for yourself when you get up and get ready to go to work. And even if you are going out at night, or spending the weekend with your family, you will want to dress the part. But dressing up when you are in your 50s is a bit different from how you dressed in your 20s and 30s, especially for men. If you need some inspiration, check this site out, or take a look at our four tips for how to dress in your fifties.

Fashion Tips for Men

  1. Color-Blocked

Wearing outlandish colors, especially if you are dressing for work or a formal occasion, is hardly ever a good idea. But it is a complete faux-pas when you are in your fifties! Invest in some outfits that are classic and toned down. It does not mean you have to only wear black or grey suits, but ensure all the color combinations you are choosing are somber and respectable. You will feel much better, and make a better impression, by being understated rather than blaring your presence with loud colors.

  1. Invest in a Few Pieces

When you are older, you will not feel as bad about investing a good amount of money into your wardrobe. You have earned the right to dress up in expensive clothes! But instead of buying a ton of items that are moderately priced, it is better to invest a good amount of money in a few pieces that you really love. It could be a wonderful suit that you can wear on really important work days or functions, or a really nice outfit that you wear when you are heading out casually, but still want to make an impression. Having a few great pieces ensures you always have something classy to wear when the occasion requires dressing up!

  1. Update Suit Shapes

There is no shame in admitting that you do not look as slim or fit in your fifties as you did when you were twenty or thirty. That is not to say you have gone over the hill at 50, but the body naturally tends to look and shape differently when we are older, unless you are a professional athlete or constantly in the gym. So make sure you are choosing suits that match your changed shape. Trying to look good in a suit that is made for a 20-year-old man is not a good idea, because it is only going to make you look awkward and uncomfortable.

  1. Accessories

We do not want to look too brash or outlandish in our fifties, but having the right accessories can really make you stand out, even if you are dressed in a casual way. Invest in a really nice pair of sunglasses, have a classy watch on your wrist at all times, and make sure you are carrying around a smart briefcase when you dress for work.