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Clen For Weight Loss – A Comprehensive Knowhow

Many athletes use Clen to enhance their performance, one must know that this supplement is not an anabolic steroid. This is bronchodilator which is thermogenic. This supplement shows best result when it is taken with anabolic steroids and helps in fat loss. It increases the metabolism of a person and preserves muscles. But for fat loss, one need not go with Clen combining with any other anabolic steroids.  One must go with less calories while using Clen.

Clen For Weight Loss

Clen Diet Plan

Apart from exercise and clen dosage proper diet has to be maintained for astounding results. As we all know drinking plenty of water will help in weight loss. Reducing the intake of carbohydrates like rice, flour etc., and substitute it with protein rich food like eggs, chicken, soy products, skimmed milk etc., will multiply for efficient results. Cutting down sugar products, drinks, junks and adding fruits, vegetables and good fats, working out for 30mins per day will result in 100% efficiency of clen diet.

By increasing the blood pressure clen helps the body to transport more and more oxygen. This is why it comes in the top among elements for drug protocols used by endurance athletes. Even though it is controversial many individuals use this steroid for anabolic reasons. But one thing to remember is even though many studies conducted on animals have proved the muscle gains by clen there is no study which has involved humans yet. Clen is also used as livestock which helps animals to become more muscular but leaner.

The cycles that can be followed for clen are

The best way to administer this medication is two weeks in and two weeks out – where there is a continuous consumption of clen in those two weeks with a low dosage of 20mcg. There are two weeks off the pills. This allows the body to recover and also increase the dosage in the next cycle.

There is two day on and two day off cycle, where in you consume the pill for two straight days and are off it for another two days. This cycle isn’t so good to opt on but it is said that it helps the body get used to clen. The last cycle is the continuous cycle which is the use of the drug continuously in lower dosages such 10mcg up to 50 mcg increase over a period of three months, more than this time frame usage will have serious repercussions. And may lead to cardiovascular problems. It may be noted that for health reasons it is better to start off with 20mcg pills and graduate with 50 mcg pills. This will enable the body to adjust to the drug and also it will give you an opportunity if clen does not suit your body.

If you are to begin with 50MCG then it is better to start with half a tablet and carry it on for a whole cycle to check out for unpleasant side effects. After the usage it is best recommended to take post cycle therapy.