5 Gifts To Buy In Ireland

Ireland has a rich cultural history, and visitors often enjoy keeping a remembrance of Ireland in the form of a souvenir.

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry is always an excellent gift as most destinations will have traditional takes on pieces that can be unique for the wearer. A traditional Irish ring – such as the Claddagh – is worn by both men and women to symbolize friendship and love. Jewelry with Irish symbols like the Celtic knot are also popular among visitors.

5 Gifts To Buy In Ireland

Hand-made jewelry can be purchased at markets, in addition to the number of fine jewelry stores, particularly in metropolitan areas.

  1. Clothes

Ireland’s climate can be harsh for visitors outside of summer, the best time to visit Ireland, so buying a hat may be a necessity for some travelers. Paddy hats are probably the most recognizable style of Irish hat, and can be found nearly everywhere.

Anything tweed is distinctly Irish, so for those back home this can be a treasured item from abroad. Handmade sweaters are also popular gifts, since they are typically hand-woven from wool made from local sheep. The traditional fisherman style sweater can be found all over Ireland, and can sometimes even be customized.

As with anywhere, it is more likely that markets and local boutiques will have authentic pieces made in Ireland, as there are plenty of retailers that simply sell generic items made elsewhere to tourists.

  1. Food

Ireland has a unique cuisine, and while visitors may not be able to take some of the famous local cheese home, there are a number of food items that can make great gifts. Irish soda bread that comes from the actual country is easy to take home by air and will be a memorable item to share.

Irish whiskey is also a unique gift, particularly when it comes from the source. Since international brands often call their items “Irish whiskey,” even if it is made elsewhere, this can be a way to give a truly authentic gift.

Irish tea also makes a great gift for people of all ages. There are a number of local companies that specialize in black teas, and these can easily be brought home in luggage.

  1. Music

There is a long tradition of music in Irish culture, so giving the gift of local music will be appreciated by music lovers and casual listeners alike.

For those who know musicians, gifting musical instruments purchased in Ireland can be truly unique. Certain instruments are famous for the use in Irish music, including tin whistles, fiddles, musical spoons, and bodhráns (drums). While some of these may be larger than others, there may be opportunities to purchase hand-crafted items with traditional designs.

  1. Pottery

While there are many local crafts that can be found throughout Ireland, pottery can be a unique gift and is available for a range of budgets. These items can be found in metropolitan areas and rural areas alike, and may vary based on how and where they are made.